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🌿 Welcome! Please take the time to read the following description in order to intuit if I am the right psychic reader for you (because, yes, you are intuitive and capable of feeling into the right situations as well!). 🌿. 🍂🍃Shamanic Counselling. Shamanic Advisor. Spiritual Guidance. Intuitive Reader. Holistic Healing. Lightworker. Shadow Illumination. Teacher. Healer. Human. 🍂🍃 💕 A perfect match if you are looking to find clarity in situations involving your life direction, purpose, relationships, and more—and are ready to shift the dynamic of your awareness into a position of certainty. I am here to facilitate the changes you wish to make by offering guidance and counselling via spiritual Shamanic divination. But there is a catch!!! – How you ask a question is of vital importance to the precision of the answer. ❔ The best questions are… - Simple and concise. One sentence questions usually work best. - Do not include timelines. (Although, sometimes we can divine the future outcomes along a timeline, timelines often can change because we all have unlimited choices, free will, and possibility). - Prepared before hand so that you can deliver them within your 3 minutes effectively. - Structured around what information you need to know about a situation, person, or thing, and are best framed by personal responsibility. (This means how your situation relates to YOU). 🌘🌠 Although it is fascinating that certain psychics can predict the future, my focus in readings is not on what will happen, but what YOU can do to make it happen, why it may happen, and how we can accommodate the best outcomes of a situation. In love relationship readings I can provide you with information on how your P.O.I will relate to you, the lessons they will teach you, and offer you, but WILL NOT provide information on whether or not the relationship will work or if they are your soul mate. You and I would work best together involving divination/psychic readings which will put an emphasis on your personal growth, your alignment with your true self, and being in right relationship with Spirit, God, and the Universe. 🌠🌘 ✴️What is it you need to know to be on your best path right now? Let us find out together!!✴️ 🛑 Please do not ask questions involving… - Financial decisions. - Medical or legal situations. - Timelines - Other people’s relationships, situations, or purpose if it does not involve you. - I will not answer questions that involve spying on other people or their personal timelines (ie. when will POI leave current partner, etc). - Missing persons. -COVID related timelines. 🛑 🌿🍃Note: Sometimes the things we need to hear will not be what we want to hear. It is important to remember that these messages are being provided by your spirit guides, angels, and the Universe in order to ensure that you are aligned with what you truly need. If you find resistance, it does not necessarily mean that the reading is inaccurate. I encourage you to please take what I say and reflect/mediate/journal on it, as I can assure you it is relevant to your situation. I will do my best to accommodate your questions and provide you with a clarity which you resonate with and makes sense in your heart and spirit. It is my honor, duty, and service to you to aid you on your healing path, if you so choose me as a guide. Thank you. 🍃🌿


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