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I am nonjudgemental, compassionate and straight forward. I love this work!Let’s get to to the heart of the matter together! 💔I will tell you the truth if I see red flags in relation to you and your poi. 🛑 I CANNOT -offer insight for legal -medical -or pregnancy questions. This is part of Purple Ocean policy. If you ask questions around these topics I will give you a general reading. 🛑I DO NOT -offer timelines other than in general. -find lost objects -tell you if your poi is cheating or with another person. I can see what the situation with you and your poi is currently and moving forward. 🕰 Timelines are general and based on choices made by you and others. I can give you a look ahead as to what is to come. 🦋The insight I can offer is grounded in the emotional patterns within yourself and your relationships. Understanding the patterns and beliefs that drive your interpretations and choices will allow you to have deeper insight into what is possible moving forward. 💫3rd parties. I can give you insight into the person you are asking about in relation to experiences, connections and patterns you share with them. Their emotional and mental state as it relates to you. ❤️Relationships past, present and future. Creating the relationship you desire begins with you. The details around what will and will not happen is only one part of looking at romantic partnership. Understanding what you desire in a/the relationship is very important. Our ties/attraction to people can be driven by many factors stemming from our past and our belief about what we deserve or what we think will make us happy. The stronger the attraction, desire and connection the more our own patterns are illuminated. Healing and joy do not always come from finally having the person you desire. Sometimes peace comes from healing, understanding yourself more deeply and finally finding the freedom to create the life you truly desire which includes a fulfilling partnership. 💼Career past, present and future. I will be happy to help you look at present and future career choices. We often are unaware that we have more choice is this area of our life. Fear around money, power structures, time needed for education can make us turn away from feeling/sensing what we would truly love to be doing for our livelihood. Let’s take a look at more possibilities. 💰Finances. Past present and future. I can offer insight into your future financial flow. 💞Healings. Healing is at the center of all readings. However, If you wish to move deeper into shifting patterns, releasing blocks and find a more solid sense of clarity within yourself, I offer healing as part of phone or video sessions.


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