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The magic is in the cards.... The power is in you. Tarot Phil uses a variety of decks to ensure a full in depth, accurate, and honest reading. We explore your past to empower and guide your future! All readings focus on the positive, and are presented in a no-nonsense, straightforward approach. Using the magic of the tarot to receive accurate guidance, advice, and time frames on your LOVE LIFE, CAREERS, FINANCES, FAMILY DYNAMICS and more FORTUNES! The cards can answer most questions you have!! Below are some possible questions to get answered by the cards: (If the answer isn’t the cards, I will be honest and tell you!) Love Life: ❤️What are they thinking or feeling? ❤️How should I proceed? ❤️What’s going to happen next? ❤️Who is the other person? Career: ♟When will I get a promotion? ♟How long until I get a raise? ♟Am I on the right career path? ♟What’s going to change about my career? ♟Will I find a job? Finances: 💰What’s the core issue I’m dealing with in finances? 💰Why am I having trouble hanging on to money? 💰How can I make money with this idea? 💰How does money impact my relationships? Family Dynamics: ⭐️How do I handle difficult family members? ⭐️What is the reason why a certain family member will not contact me? ⭐️What is at the root of a conflict with a family member? Fortunes: 🔮What is in my future? 🔮What obstacles should I avoid? 🔮What surprises should I look out for in the near future? 🔮How can I live my best life?? Remember, the cards are HONEST and ACCURATE, they may communicate information that you NEED to hear, not necessarily WANT to hear!


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