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🌟I shall be more then happy to answer your follow up questions as three minutes is a very small amount of time.🌟 Queer Friendly πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ 🚫 I don’t read for health, legal matters and pregnancy out of a personal ethical choice not too. Anything else I am more then happy to help with. I offer a wide array readings styles with a focus on connecting to the spirit world via tarot readings, pendulum, spirit animals and oracle cards. I like to make sure my readings feel like your talking to a friend. There is no pretence, it is just me, you and spirit having a good old chat and sharing advice and guidance. My readings take a layered approach, firstly I invite the client to tell me about the animals that they are both scared of and drawn too. This can reveal a great deal about where the client can go next with regards to tackling various issues, exploiting their strengths and facing their fears. I also consult tarot and oracles cards to gives us the tea about your situation and how best to move forward in a position of power and positivity. Finally I consult my trust spirit guide Kumala πŸ§žβ€β™€οΈto help give any insights that will add depth and meaning to your reading. I look forward to working with the power of spirit and more importantly with the power that you have had inside you all along to help you along your journey to balance and abundance. I look forward to reading for you, in love and light, Forest


Tarot readings, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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