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Intuitive Insights, Grounded Advice, Energy Transformation, & Truth Seeker Life Path Development Spiritual Gifts Trainer Channeled Messages & Guidance Relationship Readings & Coaching Transformational Insights that will bring you clarity about what you need to heal from in order to live your best life, have healthy relationships, and bring more abundance to you. ☯️🧙🏻‍♂️I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO READ MY ENTITE PROFILE BEFORE REQUESTING A READING! 😉😇 Mission Statement: I teach people how to tap into thier own spirutal wisdom and gifts to call in their brightest future. *2 questions maximum (same topic) for 3 minute video readings. *texting after is only for clarity 💥FIRST💥 Before you order a reading from any psychic, make sure that your and their belief system are in alignment- If our beliefs do not resonate, you will not receive the answer you want/need. 😇🧙🏻‍♂️ 🐲MY BELIEFS🐲 *timelines are flexible... your choices affect your outcome- there is no future! (As per PO & PG terms of services, we are not allowed to offer you any guaranteed future prediction, so let’s focus on building a future by resolving your past and redirecting your present.) *ALL the advice that I give must be followed specifically. The moment you change any part of my advice, the future I am guiding you into has been shifted. Listen and learn… 🥰 *an open mind & heart lead to transformation! 🐛⏭🦋 *your first priority is YOU! Take care of your needs first. Are YOU happy? *Playing the victim to a situation is pointless. Take ownership of your entire life! 🤩 Be happy for everything you have gone through. *relationships are built on trust and transparent communication. *The external world is a reflection of the internal world. Know Thy Self! You created this. *If you are not uncomfortable/scared with making a change, then we need to dive deeper. 🙈 making changes can be very scary and unnerving... we have to work through YOUR fear! Love yourself! ✌🏻SECOND✌🏻 As an emotional intuitive, my first objective is to tap into your emotional body. My strongest psychic gift is my empathy. All of my visions, auditory messages, and words of wisdom/encouragement come from my ability to tap into your emotional body. I channel messages to you based on the feelings you bring to the reading. Being present and honest with yourself is the first step in creating lasting change. ☯️🧙🏻‍♂️🥰 As a request: DO NOT COPY AND PASTE A PREVIOUS READING, please. Let the energy between us be fresh. 🤫‼️WARNING‼️🤫 I am NOT the psychic to dwell on the future, the outcomes, or the possibilities. I see them, believe me, I SEE THEM!! But… to be honest, all we can truly discuss with facts are the past and present- the rest is just a feeling, a dream, an abhorition. Let’s not take gambles on what may happen- Let’s fix what IS happening. There are an endless number of future timelines that, at any time, YOU can transition and shift in and out of. I focus on what you CAN and WILL do to create the future of your dreams. Feeling and tuning into the vibration of the future YOU is the most important goal, BUT remaining present with where you are is the real key to success. Now, are you ready to make changes or do you just want to talk about it? Talking without action gets us know where… be accountable. Show up fully! Do the WORK! 🥸REALITY CHECK😎 My main objective is to give you spiritual, emotional, and physical guidance about yourself for you to reflect on and make the changes that best suit you. If you are waiting for another person to change, you will most likely be waiting in vain. Stop waiting, start doing! 🤗SUGGESTED READING TYPES/QUESTIONS🤗 1. What energy am I missing about myself that is making my relationship, job, or _________ so difficult? 2. What things about my partner, friends, or family member is keeping them from being good for me? What can I do to help guide them in meeting my needs? How are we good versus bad for one another? 3. I am very stressed in my life right now. I feel sluggish, sad, and out of confidence. How can I better myself so that I may upgrade into the next chapter of my life? 4. My partner and I are growing apart and I need to understand what is happening. What am I missing? How can I help this situation be better? 5. I would like a general-forecast reading for the next week (anything beyond a week can get complicated🤫). This can be general or specific to a person or situation. I will draw one card for each day and tie them together for an overall theme matched with guidance for you. 😇🔮 6. What subconscious beliefs and narratives about my life are holding me back? How can I break the bonds of PTSD, depression, anxiety, &/or helplessness? 🤓LAST🤓 I have many talents &/or tools that may appear along our journey together, including but not limited to- energy reading, energy transmutation, energy clearing, distance healing, divination, crystal healings, communication with the higher self &/or spirit guides, tarot/energy card readings, oracle cards, astrology, numerology, pre/retrocognition, and all the “main” psychic senses, such as clairvoyance. However, I make ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES that all of these talents, if any of them, will show up in your reading. My gifts show up as they are meant to do so just like you do when you book a reading with me. I have learned to trust my process, so I expect the same from my clients. Have trust and faith! I WANT to help you. Every reading is different and I have learned to go with the flow and allow my energy to channel what it is that you need to hear today. TRUST! Additionally, if you limit or ask me not to use any of my tools/talents, I will not accept the reading. I have a process and I lead my clients in the way I see fit. You are stepping into my world of transformation, so let it happen. Be the transformation you seek. May peace manifest in your life! What you bring is what you get... and maybe a bit more 😉😘 ~All Universal LOVE~ Oh!! 😂 And remember... “the quickest way to stress is to put a question mark where God put a period.” -Master James


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