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‼️I do not focus on the future or give predictive readings. This also includes giving timelines‼️ ✨However, I can tell you where you or your situation is headed energetically. I just dont believe the future is set in stone and I believe that the future is always changing based on the choices we make in the now.✨ My intuitive gift is being able to connect you to the messages that your higher self wants you to know. Sometimes it comes through validation and confirmation, or sometimes, it will be the answer that you didn't know you needed until it was brought to your attention. My reading style is a gentle and detailed guidance and I tend to focus more on the present and any spiritual or emotional blocks that may be preventing you from the future that you are hoping for. This allows your Higher Self to give you a roadmap to follow, to cultivate the growth that your soul needs in order to lead the fulfilling life that you desire. 💫I will always honor your feelings in whatever capacity is needed and I will always be truthful and honest in what I see.


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