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✨I am an empath which greatly helps me form connections with my cards and connecting to readings. I’m compassionate but will be direct if I feel its greatly needed. I always try to teach and help promote growth and healing through my services. 🌙I love doing dream analysis. To help you understand what your innner self may be trying to communicate with you. 🌙 ☯️ I do provide yes/no readings. I use both pendulum and cards for these. If you prefer one specific method and/or would like to view the card pulling or see the pendulum read please tell me. That’s easy enough to do with yes/no readings. ⚠️ Please note I must follow the guidelines and rules laid out by the app. I can not do readings related to medical or legal matters. I can not offer advice on spellwork or anything related on that matter. 🕰 Past Life Readings: Past life readings are long and often need more then just three minutes. So like any other reading that I need more time please pay attention to messages received after the video is sent. I will relay the rest of the reading there. A personal request if you want a past life please place a regular order. If my rushed orders are on. I should still answer your reading within two hours just maybe not one. 💚 Readings I provide: General, Love, Yes/No, Body-Mind-Spirit, Align Your Heart’s Calling, Help me decide/choose spread, Bad day, Looking for guidance.


Dream analysis, Love readings, Tarot readings

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