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Hello Multidimentional Being🦄 ⚠️Before booking a reading with me please read below.⚠️ Whenever I read for anyone, I lay out some facts that help people feel safe and more open. Talking to a stranger can be challenging. 🤹‍♀️ “I am your mirror and you are mine. Our circumstances may be completely different but our frequencies are, if not all, nearly the same. I cannot tell you what you already don’t know. I can only remind you of what you have forgotten or are too afraid to believe in. I am here to channel confirmations and insights that guide you to balance, peace, and clarity. Everything I tell you, a part of my ego listens to learn as well. I do not judge you. I only try to understand and accept the moment.”🫂🧿🔥 I offer Tarot, Oracle and Barajas. First, PLEASE keep it clear and honest when describing your situation. If you lie to me, we’re wasting our time. If you dont feel comfortable telling me all the truth, just dont say anything then! Silence is better than lies. Secondly, if my reading resonated in anyway please share that by donating a green smiley and a review on why it did, a lot of positive messages go unnoticed in the chat and it really helps the community & I to see it out in public. I spend a lot of energy to channel as much as I can. It helps to balance it all for me, is all. 👽👍 Finally, please do not leave a negative review without reaching out to me. Literally the negative reviews I’ve gotten have been ignored when asked why. This makes me feel like I wasn’t given a chance to understand and try to clear up what was misunderstood. This is for my sanity! Lol reading isn’t always easy to hear. Like I mentioned before, I channel and share what you already know or what you’re too afraid to face. I do not judge you, for judging you is judging myself. 🛸✨🤟


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