Lady Iona

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About my services

🔸I am a empathic and intuitive🔸 🔶🔸Tarot and Oracle reader🔸🔶 👇👇👇👇👇 🔆 I offer honest, NOT sugarcoated, but loving best course of action solutions to your current situations in regard to love, career, and life path. 💕Come with an open heart and open mind. 💕 ❗❗PLEASE UNDERSTAND ❗❗ I will not tell you want to hear. I am a vessel for the message you are not only requesting but NEED to hear! 🔆 I also offer general readings that help you get a base line of where you are in life and the energy around you. ✨My ultimate goal is to help✨ ✳️To give you insight and✳️ 🔸a peace of mind🔸 ✨that can help you✨ ✳️on your path✳️


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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