Light Goddess

Psychic Medium
0.5h average response
91.7% on-time delivery

About my services

Readings with my Spirit Guides are accurate and fast. My Guides are direct, yet very compassionate for what you are going through. They help you see where you can alter your path, They will give love and uplifting messages where you are grieving, support you in your search for love, guide you towards new hobbies and jobs, and show you how to incorporate fun and happiness in order to manifest the life you are truly wanting to have. Birthdates or zodiac signs "ARE NOT NEEDED". My spirits know it all, I sit back and allow them to borrow my voice so they may have a direct conversation with you. Trust them to bring you answers of peace, fulfillment, abundance and clarity. My Spirit guides and various Loved Ones come through easily and provide evidence that they are knowing who you are and what you are calling about. Ask them anything of interest to you. They are so filled with empathy and lov


Angel insights, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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