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Welcome to The Starlight Siren where you’ll find me Singing Melodies of the Stars🧜🏻‍♀️✨ What you can expect 🌀Energy Readings 👁Intuitive Guidance •Clairvoyance •Clairsentience •Claircognizance 🃏Tarot & Oracle Divination ☀️Higher Self/Inner Child Messages 🦅Channeling Spiritual Team 🔮I receive my messages from connecting my spiritual team with your spiritual team. The energies I would be connecting with come from your Higher Self and Inner Child, always first and foremost. As well as from your Spirit Guides, Angels/Archangels, Spirit Animals, Ancestors, God/Goddess, Deities, Passed Loved Ones, etc. Always specifying when channeling that these energies or entities be of the Highest Divine Light✨ 💜Sometimes I do receive messages based on those who have passed and they will join in on readings either for support, or to give you a message. But this is only when they feel like stepping through, does not happen all the time. 🌸As an Intuitive Guide, I am devoted to honoring and listening to you and giving you the information that is to help serve you and your highest good. I will always come from a space of truth and embody this first and foremost. ⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ Please understand that these readings are based on your current energetic path of the present moment. Ultimately giving you the power to redirect your energies wherever you wish them to go. This is the power of free will! ☀️ My readings will never take your free will away from you! My readings should not be taken as the final say in anything, as the energy is always constantly shifting and matching the energetic frequency within your body, mind and spirit at the present time. Sometimes the messages I receive may not directly answer your questions because more info is needed, timing is off, energy is still being settled/sorted or that simply the energy is guiding you in a different direction completely. If you are inquiring about others energy as well, this may also shift the energy of the reading. This isn’t to say that you will not get what you are inquiring about, rather that this will illuminate your trajectory of your current souls path and the guidance I receive will be based off of these energies and the energy that best serves you and your highest and greatest good🙏 ❌ I will not read on medical related advice, legal affairs, pregnancy, lottery, evil or negative intention, lost items. ❌My readings will never take away your free will ✅ I will always show up authentically ✅ I will always be within my own integrity and values ✅ I will always give support and honor you and your space ✅ I will always give you guidance from my highest divine light and essence 🌺If there is any further clarity needed I will answer your questions to clear anything up. 🥀If you feel our time was unsatisfactory please reach out to me first and I will do best to satisfy your needs. 🌹Reviews are welcome as they help me develop my abilities and understanding of my intuition further. Ultimately, I look forward to connecting with you one on one and peeking into the universal veil together🧝‍♀️ Blessed Be StarLights🌌


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