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**** 💞 PLEASE take a moment to read before ordering and determine if we are an energetic "fit" 💞 **** Note: I rarely have rush mode on. I find it contributes to a panicky angst around readings and attracts ugly influences. I will get to it, I promise. 🤗 I am not a typical "psychic." Read that again, because it is important!!! I am also not a typical life coach, or a typical therapist. What I offer is equal parts practical and mystical. I am not someone who "tells the future" in a classic sense--instead, I (and your guides) can help you identify possibilities and what action is most aligned with your highest self. I have been avidly studying and practicing Evolutionary Astrology and Tarot for over twenty years, and I completed an apprenticeship in Akashic channeling and meditation in 2010. I am committed to helping as many people as possible develop awareness around the emotional injuries that hold them back in their lives, and to work through them and toward greater alignment with love and truth. My approach is holistic and draws upon a variety of tools, especially evolutionary Tarot (I use the Wildwood deck primarily) but my goal is always to help you move away from the facades you have built up against real purpose and connection in your life, and toward greater harmony, presence, and space in the moment. I DO NOT DO parlor tricks or simple predictions. I can't read anyone's mind. I am not going to tell you "your soul mate's name starts with D and you'll meet him in April." That is not how these energies work. Anyone who says they do is selling you something (mostly fear). 😊 What I CAN do is help you assess what kind of energy you are bringing to a particular situation and assist you in discerning the best path forward. ⚡️⚡️I connect only with the HIGHEST spirit guides involved in your situation. My answers might differ from other readers because of this. All readings are influenced by spirit, and it MATTERS which guides we allow influence the information coming through. It might not be what you want to hear but it is what your soul needs to hear. So please keep that in mind. You ALWAYS have free will in every situation. So do all the other parties in your life. My job is just to help you find the clarity to see all of the possibilities that are actually available to you in THIS moment and how best to claim them. 🔮🔮🔮🔮 PLEASE PLEASE: I am happy to clarify one or two things in the comments after the reading, but please, I beg you: if you have additional questions beyond that or want to continue the conversation for some time, please respect the energy exchange and my time as well, and request a live chat (I will turn it on for you) or an additional reading. It's good karma all around. 😊 Also: I did a lot of readings here last year and had to go offline because the energy can be quite overwhelming. I am here to try to help you, not be a target for you 🎯. Please be mindful of the energy you bring to our exchange and I will do the same. How we show up and what parts of ourselves we bring to every interaction matters a great deal in the scheme of things. Much love. 🌸


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