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🍁Multiple readings pertaining to the same subject, be it, work, career or relationship cannot be accepted. 🍁In the rare instance that PO support has reached out to you & withdrawn an order, please don’t take this personal. It will be due to either communication difficulties between us, or that your order is not coherent with the profile information. ❄️When ordering, please provide: 💮Specific area of focus. 💮Two Q’s to accomodate for time. 💮First name & DOB of all persons. 💮Messages will be responded to within 24 hours. ❄️Messages will only be to clarify what has already been said within the video. ❄️Messages cannot be used to expand on nor to ask additional questions outside of the two questions that accompany original reading. ❄️Orders with more than two questions may not be accepted. ❄️My objective is to maintain consistency. Too much messaging compromises the original quality of your reading, due to the fact that the medium has been removed from that information field. Therefore, could be operating from the conscious/ analytical mind. ❄️Quality of service offers; ☀️To provide a non judgmental reading. ☀️Maximum video time. ☀️Two Q follow up if necessary. ☀️ Live video will be activated upon request following a video order via messaging. Price per minute will be negotiated upon through this process. 💮Code Of Conduct; •No; Legal. Health. Birth. Death Q’s. •Mediumship via live video only. •Constant Q’s relating to the original content will not extend beyond the two message Q’s. •Duplicated orders relating to the same person, situation or event will not be accepted. •The reader will not accept an order if, past communication has been difficult. An order reads ambiguous. A negative experience has been encountered previously. Orders fall outside of any of the above guidelines.


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