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DUE TO VERY HIGH Traffic! In calls And to be fair to everyone, I ONLY ANSWER 1 follow up question/comment. please keep in mind I will answer your comment at the appropriate time when I am ready I am not trying to avoid anyone. Comments are first come first serve. And if I do not answer right away BE PATIENCE! DO NOT TRY TO BULLY ME INTO CHANGING YOUR FEEDBACK FOR MORE FREE TEXT MESSAGES, YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO PURPLE OCEAN. I am a professional psychic reader I have the ability to read people's vibes and energy and give very accurate details on many matters of life. I have been born with this ability and it has been a gift passed down to me maternally for many generations. I love! Working to help others and guide them in there life's path. I have worked with many people for the past 25 years leading them and helping them find there way. I do readings in all areas of life but specialize in love and relationships and soul mates. I am the official and exclusive psychic for Las Vegas rio pure Hawaii festival and I been working for bit wine for 8 years. I was very interested in becoming a purple Ocean psychic I wish to continue helping as many people in many different forms and outlets as possible.


Psychic readings, Relationship coaching, Tarot readings

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