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Welcome, beloved friend. I am so grateful to cross paths with you. My name is Alchemy. I have been professionally helping clients using my natural gifts of divination for over 8 years. I welcome you into this space with deep gratitude, and the knowing that all of you is safe with me. It is safe to relax in my presence and be yourself. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and your guides to bring you answers and solutions to each of your questions. Thank you for considering me for a reading. ❗️I do not read on timelines or the future. Time is fluid and there are limitless possibilities for your future dependent on YOUR choices. I can tell you what you are likely to create should you stay your current course, or what needs to change in order for you to create an outcome you desire. ❗️ 🌙 My Services Include: ♥️ Card Readings ♥️ Dowsing, Clearing Stagnations in the Energetic Form and Chakra System ♥️ Subconscious Healing and Reprogramming ♥️ Spiritual Guidance and Clarity ♥️ Emotional Guidance and Clarity ♥️ Financial Guidance and Clarity ♥️ Relationship Guidance and Clarity ♥️ Dream Analysis ♥️ Personalized Meditations 🌙 Before you submit a reading, please follow these suggestions to receive the most benefit from our time together: ♥️ Start by taking a deep breath in. Allow yourself to get centered in your body and heart-space. ♥️ Let yourself relax. Remember that you are safe in this space. ♥️ Write your question or request on a piece of paper. This will give you an opportunity to look at it and determine if it needs clarification. It will also help you deepen your intention with the question. When you choose to make a connection with me and my intuitive gifts, you can expect: 🧿 Clarity on any situation. 🧿 A loving guide to support you through your current life lessons. 🧿 In depth responses to all subjects, such as spirituality and karma, relationships, your subconscious, your energetic field, your career and finances. 🧿 Messages from the universe, your higher self, and your guides. 🧿 Tools to understand your subconscious patterns and shift them to create the life you desire. I am prepared and experienced to help you get the solutions you desire to create a life you love. I am a natural born empath, and am gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. I also use different tools of divination to get a more precise understanding of your questions, such as tarot and oracle cards, pendulum work, and energetic field analysis. I take this work extremely seriously. Please do not consider me for a reading if you are not willing to confront the truth of the matter. It takes great courage to be willing to understand your darkness and I honor you deeply if you choose to work together with me and your guides. If you are willing to follow the advice given in a reading, your life is guaranteed to blossom in extraordinary ways. I am highly comfortable working with you and your concerns to reach a place of deeper clarity, happiness, peace, and love. I cannot tell you what your future holds, but I can tell you what you are likely to create should you continue on your path. I would like to help you understand yourself more deeply, and in doing so you may reveal which subconscious patterns are working in your favor and which ones are no longer in your highest good. Together we can understand your belief systems that help you, and which ones are ready for a shift so that you may begin to understand yourself and your spiritual journey more deeply. This type of work will assist you in consciously creating the life you desire. Please be prepared for your reading. There are times I receive messages that your relationship interest may not be going well, or a specific someone may not be interested in you. I am not going to lie to you to give you a more pleasant reading. If you are not in a space to welcome all information, I respectfully ask that you please do not seek my services at this time. I honor your courage and willingness to find your truth, and I’m honored to hold that space for you. May we create an elegant space together. I look forward to hearing from you. Much love, friend. ♥️🙏🏻🌹


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