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Thank you for your willingness to connect. I ask that you *please* read the following so you can determine if I am rhe type of advosor you seek. The more context you give to this connection, the more will be available to you regarding answers. For astrology questions, I will need to ask for birthdate, location and as exact of a birthtime as you can give. Timeline questions sometimes may be address and other times not—I can ask but may not always receive. Please keep this in mind if you’re eager for timeframes. ***one or two questions per video MAX***. Same topic please!! I ask this so I can be thorough and accurate. **I am not available for any additional new follow-up questions after the video has sent. If you’re confused about something already shared or asked please be patient as I make time to clarify.** If you leave a negative review and request another order, the new order will be refused. I truly want to support and connect thoroughly and a negative review disrupts that process. I read well for questions regarding soul purpose, galactic/spirit influences, relationship/partnership, helping to understand dreams—many come to me to process psychic or paranormal experiendes and gain insight. I love these sessions 💖🔥🚀🔮☄️ I use astrology and unique psychic-intuitive soul-guidance to serve your curiousity. This includes aura reading, empath skills, telepathy and more 🔮🌈💡🕯🔥☄️👁 Messages about career choices also can come through. Seeking a change? Let’s drop in. I draw in soul-seekers who grasp the reality beyond advice and absolutes. I work on a soul level and am heart/truth-centered. Extremely technical tarot seekers look elsewhere. Tell me a bit about you and the situation and I can share more details with you. I do not give advice but rather speak messages from your/our guides/galactic energies. I also will not advise on C0vid, curses, pregnancy, medical intuitition or current geopolitics, lost pets/people or government support/tax returns/lottery/financial investments. Please share your relationship status as well as the status of your POI. Readings are based off of energy and shared truth, so if youre single or partnered, or if your POI is partnered, please share. Judgement free space here in the Starlight. All genders and orientations welcome. *****Timeline questions, i.e. "When will I get married?" cannot be addressed during short readings. Specificities like these need a longer conversation and a deep dive into your astrological transits. Let’s book a time for us to tune into your transits. Sending a short video is very helpful but not required 🙏🏻✨ No new questions after I submit the video or after the conversation ends will be addressed. Thank you for your trust and vulnerability 🌈✨🙏🏻💗🔮⭐️🌟💫☄️☄️☄️


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