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Please keep Structured questions. I am a mirror & see *HIDDEN* behaviors. I do not have time on Rush to read your biographies. I do not like making a mockery out of my gift. So if you are not going to be open-minded please find someone else. I show you to make you aware. I believe in Shadow work to heal. I CAN'T FORCE SPIRITS TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. We have different abilities. If you bring your terrible energy to me I will return it to you in 3 fold. I am gifted , that's why you come to me. No more than 1-2 per Reading. The same subject before 2 weeks time is a no-go. I am straightforward, Possible I won't be your cup of Tea. I get Puzzle pieces from spirit. Please understand so you can piece it into your Your life. live readings take more patience to hear spirit. keep that in mind. I don't personally know you. spirit isn't literal like us. Claireaudient, Empath, Sensitive & Healer. i want to help you move forward and release any blocks😍


Oracle guidance, Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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