What is Purple Ocean?

Purple Ocean is a mobile app that brings high-quality, affordable psychic advice directly to your smartphone & tablet screens through personalized video readings.

Does Purple Ocean let me have live video chats with Psychic Advisors?

Yes! Along with our regular video readings, we also offer live video chats at a per-minute rate set by each advisor.

How long do I have to wait for an answer to my question?

Advisors have up to 24 hours to reply to your question, but often will reply much sooner. You aren’t charged until the advisor delivers your reading.

I don't want to wait 24 hours. Is there a faster way to get readings on Purple Ocean?

Yes! For those of you with burning quesstions, we recommend searching for advisors currently offering 1-hour delivery. These advisors will show up in the app with a special green icon indicating that they are currently offering 1-hour delivery.

How much more do 1-hour delivery readings cost?

A rush delivery reading requires an additional $6 in credit.

What happens if the advisor doesn’t reply on time?

While this is quite rare, there will be instances in which the advisor won’t be able to reply to you on time. You will then have the option to cancel your order, in which case your credit will be refunded to your Purple Ocean account.

How much does a reading cost?

Readings with a 24 hour deadline on Purple Ocean cost $12 in credit. A 1 hour rush delivery reading costs $18 in credit. Live video readings incur a per-minute rate set by each advisor, starting at $0.99/minute.

How many open orders can I have on Purple Ocean at the same time?

As many as you’d like.

Isn't that expensive? Three minutes is a really short reading.

With Purple Ocean, we’ve simply come up with a more efficient way for you to receive psychic advice. Most psychic networks apply per-minute rates for information which is shared slower and at a higher cost than video, where "pictures are worth a thousand words". Plus you get to see the person giving you advice, can better share your spirit, and palm for readings. Try it and see for yourself.

I’m camera shy. Can I just send the advisor my question by text?

Absolutely, though we do strongly recommend using video, as it tends to enhance the psychic connection.

Can Purple Ocean advisors access my personal information from my profile? Can they see my readings with other advisors?

Our advisors can see the user name that you selected, your gender, and the date of birth that you enter upon your first order. They cannot see your email address, any other personal information, or any of your readings with other advisors.

I want to have a live chat with the advisor. How can I do this?

Many of our advisors offer live text chat readings on our sister app, Purple Garden. Advisors set per-minute rates for live text chats, starting at $.99/minute.

Some advisors on Purple Ocean also have BitWine advisor profiles. BitWine is Purple Ocean's sister network for live chats with some of the industry's best advisors. Advisors with connected BitWine accounts will have a BitWine banner right inside their profiles, and you can filter those advisors by going to the "All Advisors" screen, then tapping on the filter button and select "Live chat". You'll be presented with all advisors currently available for live chat on BitWine.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

You can visit our support page, where we offer a knowledge base for all things Purple Ocean. If you can't find a solution to your issue there, please click on the "Contact Support" link and let us know what we can do to help here.

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