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From the founders of BitWine, Purple Ocean is a new mobile psychic advice platform that brings personalized video readings directly to your smartphone.

Purple Ocean is currently available on iOS and on Android.

Why Purple Ocean?

  • Prepaid orders - no need to give away free time
  • Great income
  • You can choose to be available only for non-live orders, allowing you to deliver orders whenever you have some free time
  • Brings you a regular flow of new clients
  • Takes just a few minutes to complete a reading
  • Gives you a totally new level of interaction with clients, adding sound & sight on top of messaging
  • Sleek & intuitive interface
  • A great way to generate leads that can come to you on BitWine for longer live chats


What is Purple Ocean?

Purple Ocean is a psychic advice marketplace that brings advice-seekers to professional Psychic Advisors through video and messaging.

Does Purple Ocean let me have live video chats with clients?

No. Purple Ocean allows you to deliver video readings (and optional text) to clients who place orders with you, but the readings are not delivered in real time.

Who can become an advisor on Purple Ocean?

Only professional psychic advisors with proven track records in the spritual advice industry will be accepted. download the app and create an advisor profile. Follow the instructions to submit your profile along with a test reading. We will review shortly after and let you know if you've been accepted on Purple Ocean.

How can I apply to be an advisor on Purple Ocean?

If you are a professional psychic advisor, download the app and create an advisor profile. Follow the instructions to submit your profile along with a test reading. We will review shortly after and let you know if you've been accepted on Purple Ocean.

Will I be notified when a client send me an order?

Yes, you should receive a push notification (if you approved these when launching the app) and an email message.

How do I deliver a client order?

Launch the app and go to “My jobs”, where you can find pending orders. Enter the order you’d wish to deliver and follow the on-screen instructions. We strongly recommend delivering orders in the order that they arrive to you.

How long do I have to deliver each order?

You must deliver the order within 48 hours from the time it was submitted, but we recommend doing so much sooner, as it tends to increase return business. Delivering an order within 1-2 hours often leads to an immediate follow-up order from the same client.

What happens if I don’t deliver an order on time?

First of all, this should never happen, since a client selected you and took the time to submit a question to you. But if it does happen, the order is automatically cancelled and your advisor profile becomes unlisted from the app’s home page, so you won’t be able to accept new orders until it’s relisted. When unlisted you are still required to deliver on time any pending orders received before you were unlisted (and you will be reimbursed for these orders as usual). If you feel that the reason for your missed delivery was justified and would like to have your profile relisted, you should contact our support team..

How can I increase my revenues on Purple Ocean?

Great ratings help. You can get these by consistently delivering high-quality readings to your clients. Also, the faster you deliver them, the happier your clients will be and the more recurring business you’ll get. Maintain an up-to-date profile with a great photo of yourself to catch potential clients’ eyes.

My client wants a live reading. How can I provide them with this?

Purple Ocean was created by the makers of BitWine, a live chat-based psychic reading platform. You can invite your Purple Ocean clients to try your services on BitWine as well.

I don’t have time at the moment to accept new orders. What can I do?

Simply switch your availability status to off in the “My jobs” screen. Remember to switch it back on when you become available again. You still need to deliver on time all orders received before you made yourself unavailable.

I’m experiencing technical difficulties with the app. Who can help me with this?

You can contact our support with details about the issue at [email protected].

I got a negative review. What can I do to have it removed?

We generally don't remove reviews except for extreme circumstances, but the client can edit their review for up to 2 weeks after it's entered, so you can try convincing them to change it by messaging them in the order and providing them with more details or clarifications. If they don't want to reply or change their review, please respect that.

How and when do I get paid?

Purple Ocean pays advisors through PayPal. There’s a 2-week clearance period for all revenues generated, as well as a $35 minimum withdrawal sum. Please keep in mind that Apple withholds the revenues from Purple Ocean for much longer than 2 weeks, so advisors are actually getting paid in advance of the actual revenues being received from clients.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

Simply tap on the “Withdraw” button in the revenues screen. Note that there is a minimum withdrawal sum of $35. The payment from Purple Ocean should land in your Paypal account within 2 days of withdrawal (and usually less).

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