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📍 Malaysia ❗️I do NOT provide exact timeframes. ❓For LIVE chats, you get what you request for. I.e If you order a 5 minute reading, then you are requesting me to give you as much info as possible within the given timeframe - please allow time for me type as I am a human and not a robot. ❓for RUSH readings - please ask ONE to TWO clear, direct, straightforward questions. (More questions will not be answered as 3 minutes is not enough) please be fair. Background information is optional. I will answer ONE clarification question in the comments within 24 hours. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Welcome to my page :) I highly suggest that you read my profile before going through with an order and understand the readings I do not offer. Timeframes are subject to change so please do not force me to give you one. Only put an order through if you are open to hear what your guides and angels have to say about your situation. I honestly don’t have time to tell you stories you want to hear, so please ask your questions, accept the answer, move on and let universe do it’s work. There is no need to force, control and predict the future so badly, as something’s are not meant to be known. Please do make sure you understand ALL of this very clearly before you order with me. Cheers. PS: Please DO NOT order from me if you are here to lash out your negativity on me and on my page, I don’t need that, nor will I tolerate such behaviour. Note that tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance in life. You and persons asked make their own decisions and write you’re own fate, so I strongly recommend not to depend on tarot when making certain decisions in life. Tarot can only guide you. :) ❗️Absolutely NO readings on: ☘️ death/spirits/magic ☘️ general/job interviews ☘️ exam outcomes/general outcomes ☘️ pregnancy/health ☘️ lost items/people/pets ☘️ law/insurance related readings ☘️ if something is going to be happening on a specific day ☘️ if someone is going to be messaging or calling you today. ☘️ no specifics like name, appearance, physical features, ethnicity, age, and job descriptions of persons. ☘️ if youve previously left a negative review, i will not be able to read for you again. Note that the message box is for clarification purposes. you can request for a new reading if you’ve got more questions. Finally, make sure you understand that: * I AM NOT GOD * I DO NOT READ MINDS * I CANNOT GUARANTEE THE FUTURE * I PICK UP ON ENERGIES ONLY. DUE TO FREEWILL OF ALL PARTIES INVOLVED, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT READINGS AND TIMEFRAMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, AS ENERGY IS CONSTANTLY SHIFTING. DISCLAIMER: ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.


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