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I offer psychic readings that provide guidance in all aspects of your life. I use a combination of my psychic ability, tarot cards, and messages from my guides and your guides to help bring you clarity to your decisions and solutions to your problems. When I use my tarot deck in my readings, I don’t read them card by card. I let my intuition take over to bring in the messages you need to hear. ⭐️PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING⭐️ ✨I’m always looking for the positive messages I can give my clients, HOWEVER, I do not sugar coat things. If you’re only going to be happy if you get the answer you want, then I’m not the right psychic for you! 🚫No questions about timelines please. Free will can change things at a moments notice, and can change timing. 🚫I will not answer questions on someone else’s relationship or “spy” on other relationships 💖Please don’t leave a bad review just because you didn’t get the answer you wanted. If you need clarity please don’t hesitate to message me. Bad reviews seriously affect us advisors. Please be fair and courteous. ✨You’re only wasting your money if you’re withholding information or trying to “test” the psychic


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