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About my services

I tap into the energy of your higher self and spiritual guides for your highest good. My readings are very uplifting and I’m direct about what I see. I’m a non-judgmental reader. My Specialties: • Love And Romance • Family And Friendships • Law Of Attraction • Career Related Guidance • Potential Outcomes Available (according to present energy: energy is fluid and can change. Outcomes are not FIRM. You are the Captain of your ship and we all have more control with our lives than we realize.) • Higher Self And Spirit Guide Messages • Psychic Development Rush and 24 Hour Readings: + I channel the messages and then pull some tarot cards for clarification. + ALL readings are infused with reiki healing + I allow 2 questions per 24 hour or rush readings as I want to get as detailed as I can. + After our 3-min reading. I allow 1 clarification question. **please be respectful of my time in the chat box as it gets busy on here. Sometimes I cannot always attend to follow-up questions. If you need more than 1 question or additional questions answered after the reading, please order an additional reading or a follow-up reading** LIVE CHAT AND VOICE Please know, It may take me a moment to interpret the messages. I ask for patience while I try to bring the best information I have forward. I cannot read minds nor can I see everything in a situation including details unless spirit naturally gives them to me. Timing and outcomes can vary and shift very easily because of the freewill of others. Please note~ with any reading. Trust your intuiton first and foremost. If you dont like a potential outcome or a direction something is moving, know that you can always change and shift things with persistance and getting very clear in your desires. Along with researching how to stay in heart coherence. Making decisions within your heart center will never fail you! Please let me know if you are seeking advice within a detailed subject. Withholding important information will only confuse the reading. Sometimes, I will let you know directly if something isn’t aligned with your energy at the current moment. I know it’s hard to hear when it’s not your ideal outcome. But I try to deliver the messages honest, compassionate/gentle and directly.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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