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Hello! My name is Emily. I’m a psychic channeler who works with my team of spirit guides to answer your questions and help you hone in on the right path to take when faced with challenges. I prioritize clarity, practicality, accuracy, honesty, non-judgment and kindness in my readings. (I won’t sugarcoat, but I’ll be gentle!) Everyone is welcome here! I conduct my readings through a unique verbal channeling method I call “spiritual shorthand,” which allows me to quickly get the gist of situations, thoughts, emotions, and probable future trajectories. My guides and I will answer your questions, and usually also give some advice in the interest of helping you. (Don’t want ANY advice? Please consult with someone else.) I also use spiritual shorthand to tune into people’s higher selves, providing insight on their feelings and intentions - kind of like having a conversation with their soul! In live readings, I first channel the coded shorthand, and then explain what it means. I have decades of experience reading Tarot, and will use them on request, but spiritual shorthand is faster and more specific!🌻 🌟PLEASE READ THROUGH THIS BEFORE ORDERING🌟 My top priority is to always deliver you a great reading. These fast and firm principles are the foundation for that! 💛 1-2 questions and ONE topic per prerecorded video reading. Please provide first names, and basic orienting context for your questions. 💛 On LIVE readings, you MUST ask ONE question at a time, so that I can focus efficiently. 💛 I will answer up to TWO clarifying questions per reading, as time permits, at my discretion. (Please be patient if I’m pulled away. No new questions. Message box closure is automatic.) 💛 On RUSH, kindly keep your descriptions brief. 💛 For general love readings, please DO specify your gender(s) of interest! 🌈 💛 RESPECT and KINDNESS must always go both ways between us. This includes mutual compassion, courtesy and honesty, honoring my principles, trusting my process, and letting the reading flow at its natural pace. (If an answer I am tuning into is left unfinished, I always do my best to follow up and complete it!) 💛 My track record on future predictions is excellent, but FREE WILL is real, and THE FUTURE can change. TIMELINES can shift. Future CHOICES influence how PREDICTIONS play out. This is why the ADVICE matters. Predictions need time to play out. 💛 If something in the reading upsets you, please DO reach out and ask for clarification before leaving a review! I never intentionally leave a client distraught or confused. 💛 If there is ever a CURRENTLY verified fact that I am contradicting, please DO let me know, so I can tune in again to see where the misinterpretation took place! 💛 Please note the “forest vs. the trees” effect: The first time I assess a situation is most likely to be accurate in the long term. The more frequently I read on the same topic, the more I’ll be seeing the moment-to-moment shifts. 💛 Please enter the reading in as calm and welcoming a state of mind as possible. This keeps my own reception optimally clear. 💜 PLEASE DO NOT leave a negative review without giving me the chance to answer clarifying questions and address your concerns! I am here to help. 💕 💜 DON’T assume my reading is wrong based on something other advisors said. I can only vouch for myself, and am responsible only for my own insights. 💜 DON’T be pushy! Rushing, rudeness, dishonesty, hostility, entitlement, micromanaging and bickering are dealbreakers. If you disrespect me, I won’t read for you again. 💜 DON’T order a reading if you intend to leave a negative review if we say something different than what you want to hear, you don’t believe in free will, or don’t want advice. We won’t be a good fit. 💜 DON’T ask me to violate intimate privacy. I may occasionally decline third party questions if something feels off. 💜 PLEASE DO NOT nitpick my language over process-based expressions like “I think,” or buzzwords I don’t use, like “Twin Flame.” 💜 No questions on pregnancy, health, financial and legal matters, spells or magic. No trick questions or “testing the psychic.” 🌟 I don’t usually use cards. Let me know if cards are your preference! 🌟 Spiritual shorthand is efficient, but has its limitations. I will let you know if something is beyond the scope of what I can access. 🌟 In prerecorded readings, the actual channeling or shuffling/pulling of cards happens BEFORE I record, so you get the most out of your time! 🌟I’m not able to offer mediumship under the conditions of this quickly paced platform. 🌟 Should I find us incompatible, I will refer you to another trusted advisor. I will also turn down a reading if I believe a client is coming to me in bad faith, or if I sense my services are being exploited for predatory purposes.


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