Leona Spice

Intuitive Tarot Reader
7.5h average response
99.1% on-time delivery

About my services

I offer honest, uncompromised, intuitive Tarot and Oracle readings. Please have a specific question you would like answered. Sometimes your spirit guides send you the message you NEED to receive not the message you WANT to receive. It is important to understand that this is for your highest good. ✨Please note that my guides will only offer limited information regarding people or circumstances that do not directly relate to you.✨ I DO NOT provide physical descriptions or dates. People focus too much on these details instead of the big picture and that can keep you from seeing the very thing you are looking for. 💫Your energy and attitude play a major part in how quickly or slowly things manifest for you. YOU have to do the work to get what you want. 💫Sometimes that means WAITING but also sometimes it means taking the first steps. Let's talk and see what your your guides are saying for you 💫. Can't wait to connect with you ☺️


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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