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About my services

📣 My chat rates may change troughout the day. I always use Tarot and or other tools for divination. 🔮 Do you have questions you need an answer to? Or just clarity to a situation?I’m here to read for you and explain what divination has to say about it. ✨ Maximum of two questions per rush or 24 hour reading. I cannot do more than this. If you would like to ask many questions in a reading, I do recommend booking a live reading with me or multiple video readings so we can cover your questions. ✨ I will always give clarity after my readings if there has been a misunderstanding, however there is limitations on message box on sale days. I stongly believe in karma and what bad you send out comes back ten fold. Same goes for good. Send out what you seek in the world. Your karma is your actions. This is my spiritual belief and power. Please be careful with your energy and what you give to others. ✨ Positive reviews: they are much appreciated, received and acknowledged, they breathe life into what I do. so thank you. 😊 ✨ Negative reviews: I understand some connections just don’t fit well, all apart of life, However if a negative review is left, I cannot read for you again. Thank you. 😊 Please do not book a reading with me if you are not mentally prepared for the answer. Sometimes it is good news and sometimes it’s bad. Please be prepared for 3 outcomes. Yes/No/Maybe If you have trouble accepting no to an outcome. Please order from another adviser. My readings are an honest interpretation of what I see, nothing more nothing less.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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