Rachael Rose

Rachael Rose
8.8h average response
99.6% on-time delivery

About my services

⭐️ALL NEW CLIENTS ON TEXT CHAT WILL RECEIVE A FREE CHAKRA CARD TO BE DELIVERED VIA MESSAGE AFTER READING. ⭐️Will be on weekdays starting at 9:30 AM EST 🛎 Hit notify up top to receive notifications when I am available. My hours change daily. ✨ I always give out words of encouragement and advice with oure honesty. ✨ I deliver readings and energies as they come, good, bad, and ugly. If you are not prepared to hear all possible outcomes, please choose another reader. I will not validate what you want to hear. But, I will always deliver with kindness. ✨I am UNABLE to offer “firm” Timelines as free will can shift & change trajectory ✨I read on 2 energies (people) at a time per pre-recorded video order ✨You May ask 2 questions per video order. Time is limited & I want to address your questions thoroughly ✨The message box is used for clarifying your reading, not for asking new questions. Please respect my time. ✨I focus mainly on relationship, family, and career guidance. ✨Readings I can not provide: -Legal -Health -Lost items -General readings (future predictions) -Life, death, and danger situations 🚫 I will not do readings on someone that you have not spoken to you in the past year or that you have never met. 🚫 I will not validate what other readers tell you. I can only validate what I feel and pull.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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