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You have been guided here because my tarot cards have a message for you.✨ The truth is we all have the answers inside of us. I use my cards and intuitive gifts to tap into current energies to provide the clarity and guidance that you seek. Take what resonates from my readings and use it to your advantage! ✨ PLEASE NOTE: ✨Provide the details surrounding the situation to allow me to tune into the energy and interpret your cards with the most clarity ✨I cannot answer vague questions or offer general readings, be specific ✨Please disclose if you or your POI are in other relationship ✨Please disclosure sexual orientation when relevant. ✨Have a specific person in mind for love readings ✨Disclose if you’re in no-contact, blocked etc ✨Have a specific situation for career readings ✨Provide the names of individuals in question ✨I cannot read specific names, traits or appearances ✨I cannot read on other people’s relationships or infidelity (it’s bad juju) ✨I cannot spy on other people ✨I cannot provide timelines due to free will ✨I cannot read on pregnancies, medical, legal, magic or mediumship ✨Be transparent and do not withhold truths / details of the situation that are relevant ✨I do not comment on readings from other readers ✨Videos are only 3 minutes, please limit to 1 main question ✨2 questions are available for clarification afterward ✨Please only get a reading if you come with an open heart/mind. You must be prepared that sometimes the cards hold a message that you may not want to hear 🙏✨ Energies are always in flow and know that in time everything in life does work out for the best, even if it does not appear to in this moment.✨


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