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You have been guided here because my tarot cards have a message for you.✨ I use my cards as a tool to tune into the current energy of your situation ✨ I provide insight to help you navigate your own intuition and guide your choices!✨ ✨I truly wish for the outcomes you desire but I will always be honest about what comes out✨ ✨ Please only get a reading if you come with an open heart/mind. You must be prepared as sometimes the cards hold a message that you may not want to hear 🙏✨ ✨Energies are always in flow and our futures are not set in stone. You truly do have the power to shift your reality💫 ✨Know that in time, everything in life does work out for the best, even if it does not appear to in this moment ✨ 🌟TIPS FOR BEST READINGS👇 ❣️Please provide POI name/bday ❣️Please provide the context of your current situation (type of relationship romantic / work / friend / affair / interviewing etc) ❣️Transparency allows me to verbalize the energy flow I receive through my cards in more detail to give you the answers needed. ✨No general or vague questions- these lead to more more general answers ✨Be transparent and do not withhold truths / details of the situation that are relevant ✨I do not use soulmate/twin flame labels - love is love and is all beautiful ✨Disclose if you’re in no-contact, blocked, broken up, never met in person etc ✨Please disclose if you or your POI are in other relationships ✨Please disclosure sexual orientation when relevant ✨Have a specific situation for career readings ✨I cannot read specific jobs, names, traits or appearances ✨I do not read on other people’s relationships or infidelity (it’s bad juju) ✨I do not spy on other people ✨I cannot provide timelines due to free will and energy shifts ✨I cannot read on pregnancies, medical, mental or physcial health, legal, past lives, dreams, competitions, lottery numbers, dollar amounts, magic, celebrities, strangers or mediumship ✨I do not comment on readings from other readers ✨3 min Videos- Limit of 1 main question / video ✨Limit of 2 follow up questions for clarity within your reading- new questions please call back ✨ I will get back to you promptly but I appreciate your patience ✨Tryouts expire when the time runs out, please call back if you would like to follow up


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