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🔮 Celebrity Psychic 🪄 Higher Self + Manifestation Readings 📜 Demystify the Past & Present ✋🏼 I do not predict the Future 🪄 I help YOU CREATE IT! Hey! I’m Michele 𓆃 A natural born Intuitive; Clairvoyant, Empath, Clairsentient, Claircognizant & Reiki Master helping clients for the last 20 yrs 👑I help you activate your Higher Self and find clarity in the present moment. 🪽I work with the Angelic Realm. My readings go DEEP, real quick. Beyond your words into the energy ⚡️ 💫My clients come to me for straight-forward wisdom wrapped in loving kindness & a 🌊 of humor. 🏆If your seeking to know the deeper meaning of your moment. I’m your girl ;) I 💜 my clients and look forward to working with you!! 👑 Specialities ⧋ Intuitive Counsel ⧋ Self Worth Activation ⧋ Higher Self Alignment ⧋ Magnetic Manifestation ⧋ Sharpen your Intuition ⧋ Entrepreneur / Career Success 👑My Approach ⧋ Honest ⧋ Straight-forward ⧋ Non-judgmental ⧋ LGBTQ friendly 🌈 🌿 FreeWill/ Divine Timing You choose your own destiny, not me. Timelines shift due to your FreeWill choices. ANYTHING can change. This is why I do NOT make future predictions nor give timelines. I only get information I’m “allowed” to share. I do not cross boundaries into people’s personal lives - spying on partners, ex’s, third party’s, infidelity, etc. I respect all souls and hold this work in the highest order. 🚫 NO ⬇️ General Readings Predictions/Timelines Medical/Financial/Legal Advice Yes or No Questions 3x Triad Relationships Spying on ex’s / 3rd parties


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Angel insights

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