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‼️Please read my profile prior to ordering a reading from me, there are services that I do not offer, as well as topics that I do not read on.‼️ 🗓️I am always available for 24hr readings. My live chat availability can vary, so if I am not active please order a reading and request a time to live chat. I specialize in tarot card and energy readings designed to guide you through life's various facets, including love, relationships, career choices, and personal growth. I can also provide dream interpretation, as well as palmistry readings. My readings aim to offer clarity, empowerment, and an understanding of the unseen influences shaping your life. I prioritize ethical practices, ensuring confidentiality and honesty in the insights I provide. Please note, for ethical reasons and in adherence to policy, I do not offer readings on: 🚫Pregnancy/Medical 🚫Legal Matters 🚫Lottery/Gambling 🚫Minors 🚫Spells/Witchcraft/Curses 🚫Mediumship ⚠️ Third Parties: I approach readings about relationships with sensitivity and respect for privacy and ethical boundaries. While I can explore energies around potential unfaithfulness in your relationship from your perspective, I carefully avoid delving into third parties' personal lives or the specifics of someone else's relationship. Our focus will be on YOU and YOUR path. ⚠️ Timeframes: Please understand that timeframes, if provided, in readings are fluid and subject to change due to free will and the dynamic nature of circumstances. While I may sometimes perceive potential timelines, they are not set in stone, not always provided and should be viewed as possibilities rather than definitive outcomes.


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