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Back on Purple Ocean after a brief hiatus ✨ Hello and welcome! 🌿 I’m an intuitive tarot reader with over 15 years of experience. Please be sure to read my profile so you know what to expect from your reading. ✨I provide judgement/bias-free readings at all times. My readings provide a safe space for you to share and seek answers and guidance. ✨Services • Tarot reading specialties: love and relationships, family/friend relationships, career and financial path, life path/life goals, general/forecast readings. • Dream analysis & interpretation • Astrology-based readings ✨Requesting a Reading • Specific questions: when requesting a reading about a specific question, know that the more details you share in your question/request, the more detailed your interpretation and response will likely be. • Topic-only: if you request a reading and only wish to provide a topic - love, career, etc., please be sure to provide the following. - Career - are you currently employed or unemployed? - Family - what family member(s) is this directed towards? - Love - are you currently single or in a partnership (or complicated)? • General Reading & Forecast: I do general readings. It is helpful to know the timeline (1 month, 3 months, etc.) that you wish to read. This is not required, but can be helpful. General readings will not extend past one year. Note that general readings will be messages that the cards pick up - I.e. if your cards are speaking to your career, but you were hoping to pick up love messages, please just request a love reading instead of a general reading. 👎 I do not read: -Health/illness/pregnancy topics -Political/global topics -Exam/interview/school framed as “will I get/get into/pass _____?” -Questions that do not serve a purpose - “what color is my shirt?” -Legal issues/advice -Death related. -Mediumship, contacting the dead, spirit work. ✨Follow-up Questions • Please limit to TWO follow-up questions. Make sure these questions are directly related to what was said during the reading. If you have different or additional questions that come up as a result of the reading, please request an additional reading. • I reserve the right to refuse a follow-up question if I feel it goes against the guideline above.


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