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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING πŸ™‚ So time for change and fresh starts. So let us look for that clarity ❣️ Always remember to ask the questions you most want the answers to! πŸ™‚ Life really does hold many paths..... Based in the heart of England I use my skills to capture the energies around you and then link to your person of interest to ascertain the feelings and emotions that are there. I can work without tools but am a master of the tarot and can also use a variety of methods including Astrology, Numerology, Crystals to name a few. I will not give you a fairy tale as it's important that I give you a honest reading. Sometimes the truth can hurt but if I need to pass it on then I will. I offer psychic guidance on issues affecting your life. So whether this is love and relationships or career and work then let me look at what is in store for you. I have many returning customers which is great to see as they move forwards on their journey. So come with me also as we look at what is on your mind and I will tune in to the energies around you. Together we can see if they ever really loved you, do they love you now? Will they be in touch and when? I can also look at your work and career and the stability and security areas. I know family issues can be painful and loss can be hard to bear but just ask me and you shall learn. There may be many questions you have but together we can look for the answers as we go deep within yourself and look at the options to your journey. Non judgemental and caring. I do have great empathy and will look for balance also. I cannot and will not comment or read on health matters, pregnancies, legal and financial matters. My readings are structured and should give you the answers you are looking for but I cannot make your dreams and wishes happen for you. I can look ahead for you and give you what I see but I can not make it happen as I do not do magic ✨️ I appreciate any feedback and thank you for it, but do keep it constructive. Good or not so good then please do not offend. Generally I do not tend to read again following a negative review as this tends to change the energy. Try not to be too hasty in leaving a negative review unless it makes you feel better. Sometimes time is needed. Remember in a world where you can be anything - be kind πŸ™‚ A word on timing and time lines, as I can see it's so easy to become so fixed on the exact timing of something. It is then easy to start to lose faith and even shift the energy if things don't happen at the exact time we saw. Timelines are very hard to give as there are no clocks in the psychic world and time itself can be very fluid, so I won't be specific with timeliness, but if I sense months or seasons then I will give them to you although remember a lot can always change in a short space of time. So I can not be held responsible if it does not happen when I saw exactly at that time. I can not tell you what is going to happen on the same day as you call so if you need to know if he will turn up for the date then you need something else :) Remember we need patience with timing. It is hard to tell you if you will get that job but then really you should know the answer to that. JUST A COUPLE OF FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS ONLY PLEASE πŸ˜€


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