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**Please Read Before Booking with Me** 🔮 Reading Interpretation: My readings may not provide immediate clarity but can unfold over time. Their interpretation depends on your mindset and whether you take the recommended actions. 🌌 Honest Readings: My readings are honest and may present challenges. My intent is not to hurt your feelings but to deliver messages for your highest potential. If the answer is not what you hoped for, remember my intention is to be a channel of information from your guides. Consider this when leaving reviews. You can follow up with one question if you need further clarification. ⏳️ Uncertain Timelines: Timelines depend on free will and current energy, which can change. I do not provide timelines. 🚫 Respecting Privacy: I do not delve into others' work, relationships, or financial matters. I also won’t provide information about your ex’s relationships or current romantic status as it is invasive. 🚫 Medical and Legal Advice: I can not offer medical or legal advice. Please consult appropriate professionals for medical conditions, pregnancy, or health-related matters. ❗Testing the Reader: Avoid testing a reader, as it disrupts the energy connection and does not enhance your reading. Be open and express your questions honestly to receive the best experience. **Preparation Before Booking** 🌟 Required Information:Provide your name, date of birth, and specific questions. Include your POI’s name and date of birth. 🪬 Specific Questions: Be specific and avoid asking about the current energy of a relationship or whether your POI is thinking about you. Specify if you are together, dating, or separated for relationship readings. 🚫 No General Readings. 🚫 Post-Reading Contact: Do not message me constantly after the reading is done. If I don’t answer immediately, I am likely on another call or offline. Leaving a bad review because of response time will result in me not reading for you again. 🚫 Negative Reviews and Hostility: If you give me a negative review or act hostile during the reading, I won't read for you again. Let’s discuss any concerns in the chat before leaving a negative review. 🪷 5-Minute Sessions:Limit questions to a maximum of 2 for 5-minute sessions. Multiple questions disrupt the reading process. ‼️ 24-Hour Orders: For 24-hour orders, I can only answer 2 questions. Provide as much detail as possible when submitting your order. 🧿 Energy Quality: The quality of your reading is influenced by your energy. Ground yourself by taking a few deep breaths and remain open to any information that may come through. I'm dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible experience with any service you book.


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