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What does he/she think of you?Find out now!Get the BEST out of your situation with my help! Hello, I am Jay, experting in love and relationships. 💎I am giving really insightful, comprehensive readings, packed with useful information. I can help you to understand your situation in depth, gain control on it, and get the best out of the potential you have. With my support, you can gradually transform yourself, to be happy and satisfied. I can help you to realize, this transformation is easier than you would expect. My relationship readings are helping you to steer things towards the right direction,and get rid of all the confusion. You will feel that you have the power and self-confidence to shape your life. Please note, that in my view, all connections are absolutely unique, with certain characteristics - so I don't use the categories of Twin Flame or Soulmate to describe them. I simply help you to (re)build your relationship in a way that it will be fulfilling all your needs and desires, without any category labels. Also, I am not able to pick up names or locations of people. I am proud to have a very unique heritage of Gypsy, Transylvanian, German and Hungarian ancestors. This extraordinary background contributed to my personality and abilities a lot. I am really diverse and have been serving clients for a long time in person as well as on other platforms prior to joining Purple Ocean. I literally helped countless people, which makes me feel simply amazing! Helping others seems to be my mission, which I am thrilled to be taking on. My passion is to support people and observe their growth towards their ultimate happiness. IF YOUR TIME ALLOWS, PLEASE SEE BELOW A LOT OF USEFUL DETAILS REGARDING MY SERVICES: ✖️Please note I can't provide readings related to below topics: Health ( including addictions, drugs) Lost items Legal Pregnancy Outcome of job interviews Outcome of school exams I don't deal with timeframes either as energy is fluid. Please do not enclose any contact information other than first name, when requesting a reading. 💎I can help you with anything else that concerns you, e.g. career , financial outlook, family relationships, dilemmas, or finding your own path etc. I am passionate to support my clients on their journey towards to their happiness, to have a healthy relationship with themselves. If you are desperate to find out more about your life, please don't hesitate to contact me, I will guide you. I am here to give you honest answers and I won't sugarcoat because telling you what you want to hear, won't bring you closer to your heart's desire. PAY ATTENTION CLOSELY: Please contact me with in open, calm state of mind - as that is how I can deliver the best reading for you. Trust and respect is really important for me , so you can always count on receiving these when ordering from me. It is the best for your process if you can mirror these back to me, to maintain a nice environment for our communication and cooperation. I am always on your side,supporting you with the best intentions, even at those times when my message is not you want(ed) to hear. 💎GUIDELINES FOR THE BEST READING Please follow the ordering instructions regarding the data to be provided. This helps me to put my insights into context which results in a reading more focused on your requirement. Please be prepared with questions! General requests may trigger general readings which can be source of your disappointment - so let's avoid it together. Please prioritize your questions There may be challanges with time if I am required to answer 5 questions in a 3 minute video or a 5min reading. I suggest to ask the most burning ones first, and once that is covered based on your needs, we can take the next ones from there. Please express your needs Majority of the times, I do intuition based readings, and gypsy cards. If there is a strict preference how you require your reading to be carried out (eg no tools) please advise when ordering the reading. If no instruction given, then I will be reading for you based on my insight, how it is the best for your situation. Being conscious for your paid time, I do not shuffle and pull cards on video - but still refer to the cards , to get the best out of your 3 minutes. Please be patient and considerate in the text box chats after the reading. I can reply to only one follow up question. I aim to respond to all messages but I have a certain amount of time I can spend on out-of-reading chats. I also may be in back to back readings so it can happen that once I would like to respond to you , the chat box is already expired despite of my best intentions. Please don't take it as I am ignoring you as that will never be the case, I am here to help and support you. Please take your time to leave a positive review in case you were satisfied and if your time allows. This helps me maintain my placement on the site, so it is really helpful and important for me. Prior to leaving a negative review, please come back to me, to find a solution for you. Without feedback I can't know what your requirement is. Satisfaction of my clients is really important for me. Please support me with open communication as that is how I know how I should grow and constantly improve my services for you. If a negative review is left by the client , that is a sign of our energies are not compatible or supportive to each other. Therefore , to avoid further inconvenience, no more reading requests will be accepted from someone who already left negative feedback.


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