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Let me help you! ⭐️ Pay no attention to those negative reviews it’s because they did not want to hear the raw truth. Sometimes people want fairytales and I’m just not willing to lie to get their “positive reviews” ⭐️ No time wasted in my readings :) if you are using CHAT please be aware that I use talk to text and I’m Very thorough, so it might take a couple of seconds to respond. I have no idea what that negative review was referring to with slow response! Ridiculous. ⭐️ 30 years experience as a life, love and relationship intuitive coach! ⭐️ Every client is treated with respect and dignity. Every person matters to me! ⭐️ I love what I do and go above and beyond for my clients! ⭐️ My accuracy is 98% !!! 🐉 DRAGON SPIRIT GUIDE READINGS! Find out who your dragon spirit guide is, their name, the colors, and why they are with you at this time! ❤️ I am happy to offer insight, guidance, identify obstacles and to help you navigate around any barriers, or simply be an empathetic ear.❤️ My purpose is helping people face what they don’t want to face and to empower them to trust their own intuition! 💕I am here to empower you and to help you gain confidence in making a decision. This can be tough to hear sometimes so just be aware I do not sugarcoat my messages. 🧿 Please read my follow-up policy: I will graciously answer ONE clarification question in the chat for any reading if you need something further explained. This will be a BRIEF and to the point answer to your question. If you require further detail you will need to submit an order for another reading via CHAT. The three minute videos are ONLY meant to answer ONE question.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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