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About my services

With tarot and intuition, I get you answers to help you move past blocks and questions about your relationships (any type), career or other areas of life. My style is warm, straightforward and practical. I'm kind but I don't sugarcoat. I am *not* a psychic who can 'cold read' clients. My accuracy is better when I have some background information from you for context. Video: - I do offer live video readings. I usually only turn my video reading availability on for clients who have previously had a reading (in any format) with me before. So: no first time clients on video. Please order a different type of reading for your first time. This is due to fake users sexually harassing multiple readers on the platform. - If you want a video reading, please contact me during the free set-up time on a voice/text reading to ask me to turn video on. - Note that lewd behaviour by a client in any type of reading relinquishes their privacy rights and the call contents will be reported. The app's terms of use and ethics may restrict the types of answer I can give on some medical, legal, and financial queries.


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