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My tarot cards give spiritual guidance in many areas of life: love, friends, family relationships, career, personal growth, and more. My style is warm, practical and down-to-earth. I'm kind but I don't sugarcoat. To get the best readings from me, I need some background context from you about your situation. I don't read blind. For me to be able to be efficient and give you my best possible reading, I need: - each person's *first* name + age + zodiac sign (if you know it) - the nature of the relationship (have you met? are you dating, exes, coworkers, or friends?), - your ideal result in this situation. Please do not give full names or social media account names. I usually ask you more questions to guide live readings. Vagueness, surprise information, contradictions or "testing the psychic" is likely to backfire, so if you're not comfortable giving clear background information please consult a different advisor. I will tell you if I can't connect to your situation. For *live* readings on Purple Garden (text, voice, video): as a guide, allow for 5 - 15 minutes per topic (depending on how many questions you have). For context, *recorded* readings on Purple Ocean are 3 minutes with up to 3 questions on 1 topic. The app will notify you of discounts on follow-up orders. There are regular app-wide sales. Messages: I am not always able to answer follow-up messages due to time constraints and other calls. I do my best to clarify anything from the original order that wasn't clear, but new/extra/overflow questions need a new order. The app's terms of use and ethics restrict the types of answers I can give on medical, legal, and financial queries. Lewd/abusive behaviour will be reported.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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