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♥️ If my price puts you off, please remember you get what you pay for. Quality over quantity and that if you want a straight forward reading with no beating around the bush, i am your woman. I respect myself enough, to know my worth. I know i am highly gifted, and i wont tell you any lies. ♥️ Please have your names/ date of births and questions at the ready so you dont loose any time. NO GENERAL QUESTIONS, and please do not hold any information back and then tell me after, if you want a accurate reading, please abide by my boundaries and what i need to fulfill that for you. 💫 ⭐️ Voted top accuracy psychic ⭐️ 🔥 I am blunt & very honest, yet kind & compassionate, i dont do sugarcoating. So if you are ready for the truth step into my office and we can talk and tune in. 🔥Please be specific in your questions and provide names and date of births (date/month/year) that way going forward as i am from the U.K 🇬🇧 🚫 Please no general readings 🚫 no health related questions ✅ Love & relationships including twinflames, soul mates, karmic, catalysts ✅ Money and finances ✅ Future Pregnancy predictions (nothing health related, if you want to know if your pregnant currently take a test as I’m not a doctor) ✅Six month & Yearly forecasts (which can take around an hour as I go through each month individually. ✅LBGT friendly 🌈 ✅I work with the highest source, and elemental beings. (Meaning mermaids, dolphins, dragons, fairies, extraterrestrial beings, gods, goddesses, angels, egyptian beings) ✅Reiki healer I am a twin flame (Divine feminine) 🔥 And with this I can guide you on your journey, but only if you let me. I am not just a fortune teller I am tuned in with the earths frequency/energies and downloads so I always know/feel and see why exactly is going on. I have been through the ascension process, still going through it personally. But each situation is a lesson to be learned for growth and to become whole within yourself without feeling the need to have your twin flame. In order to get a reunion you have to heal all your deepest, darkest triggers. You have to acknowledge your shadow side and the positive side and combine with ying and yang. With this once you have done this and released all the fear and anxiety that is when you shall start to feel the balance and both be reunited. Every twin flame journey is different, but I can help you learn that there is more to needing to know when they’ll reunite with you, but about working on you and healing as a person. On this journey you learn more about yourself and who you are without having to worry about your ‘other half’. You must remember when you do or say something your mirroring back. So if your being negative about the situation, well so are they. I am a holistic health coach My mindset is anchored into 5D 🌍 I am a past life mermaid 🧜‍♀️ I am a FIRST WAVE twin flame 🔥 I channel unicorns, dragons & extraterrestrial beings 👽🦄🐉 I am a spiritual advisor I am a earth angel 👼 I am a star seed 💫 I am a life coach I am all the clair’s (see, feel, hear, smell, taste) I have dolphin animal guides 🐬 I work directly with universal source energy the most powerful energies to TAP IN. I am here to help you in many areas of your life and help attain and get to your goals. I can help you manifest your desires and achieve your wildest dreams. So long as you believe in yourself and believe in the magic of the universe, the universe has got your back. You are the creator of your life. I don’t like to rely on timeframes, I would rather not give them unless stated otherwise you’ll end up fixated on the timing which then creates an actual blockage. ☀️ I’m sorry I can not be the advisor for everyone. I am not hear to tell you what you want to hear, I am here to tell you what the universe needs you to hear. If your not prepared to listen to that kind of truth I recommend you don’t get a reading with me. I empathise people’s situations but I am human also. Although I am accepting of your own opinion, please be honest about it. That is all I ask. Please be kind always. I understand people can get upset with the truth and be triggered, but in time it will always become clearer as to why you was guided to me. So please trust that. 🧡 If I tell you opposite from others; take it with grace to start your new journey, because believe me I can assure you people have came back to me saying I'm one of the only psychics that said different and that is was true, I am not gonna give you that fairy tale, but the straight up truth. If your looking for a lie I'm not the right advisor for you. Nothing is set in stone. We all have free will. Yes we are all destined on a specific path way but we can always choose to alter our destination. I also add my predictions always happen. There is a difference between a timeline and a prediction. How you deal with situations can prolong timeframes the same as psychic binging. DONT GET ADDICTED. so please think about your own actions before leaving me the bad review. If you understand the spirit world you'll understand me, predictions always pass even if it gets worse before it gets better, please don't be so negative! I am not god. Based on my experience I am and have been accurate with most things. ANY REAL advisor WILL TELL YOU THEY ARE NOT 100% ACCURATE. My accuracy is solid so far. But Please remember you are the creator of your life. Positive thinking = positive outcomes, and most of all getting to the root of your traumas and doing the shadow work removes blocks in your life and brings you more positivity. Thank you for reading ❤️


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