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Expert Psychic/Medium, Registered Metaphysician and Registered Holistic Health Practitioner here to answer all your questions and guide you on your Spiritual Path. Lindsay will be truthful and sometimes it may hurt and sometimes it will feel great, but know its the TRUTH. 🛑PLEASE READ MY PROFILE IN FULL OR RISK BEING DISAPPOINTED IN YOUR READING. I AM RAW AND HONEST. THIS COULD RESULT IN YOU HEARING SOMETHING REAL THAT YOU AREN'T READY FOR. I AM NOT HERE TO BRING YOU FALSE HOPE AND COMFORT. IF YOU CAN'T HANDLE A STRAIGHTFORWARD HONEST ANSWER YOU MAY WANT TO FIND ANOTHER ADVISOR. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED⚠️ 🎴Member of The American Tarot Association 🌎 Licenced by and Member in good standing of the World Metaphysical Association 👩‍🎓Licensed and Certified (State of Wisconsin) and registered with the ACHH (Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers) 🌈LGBTQ Friend 🌟Please read my profile thoroughly this is so important. Not only does it ensure we are a good match, but it will also ensure you get the type of reading you are looking for. I an anal about my work and aim to educate misinformed people. If you read my profile there is a lot of information in here that will ensure we are either on the same page or that you can keep me from having to repeat during your reading. 🔮If you are going to place an order. please read ordering instructions carefully. Understand that if you order a video reading I have either 24 hours or 1 hour for rush to get it to you. Please don't send me messages asking me where your reading is. You will get it within 24 hours (or 1 hour). You may see me logged on, but that doesn't mean I am not working with other clients or in my studio. If you start sending me messages rushing me I will refuse the reading on the spot. Also these are 3 minute videos timed to the second. They do not cut off, they stop after the 3 minutes you paid for is up.They are meant to be general readings. If you feel you need more information you must purchase another video or pay for a live reading on purple garden. Please read this profile carefully so your reading doesn't get sent back or stopped,you feel that you need a more in depth reading and order the wrong kind, Or you don't like your reading because I don't coddle you. I'm not that type of reader. I have a sharp tongue and have no problem telling you when its your behavior and choices that are causing the problem. That said I also have no problem telling you when someone else is the problem either and this disappoints some people either way so make sure I am the psychic for you by reading on...... 🔐after 3 minutes the video stops, if you want to hear more or have more questions you MUST ORDER ANOTHER VIDEO. I DO NOT finish readings in the chat. Don't bother to try you will receive no response. With Video readings remember they are only 3 minutes, I am not getting cut off, you have run out of time. If you want me to continue you MUST order another video. 🎯 REVIEWS Please leave a review after every reading. HONEST reviews are important. Although they won't make a difference on whether PO/PG lets us stay or go and whether or not the readings continue to roll in or not... because we still get the same amount of business no matter what. Reviews do affect moral and the quality of other's readings. Negative reviews hurt your karma and other people who are seeking truth, guidance and healing. These are the people that take time and care choosing an advisor, read through our bios and have respect for what we do. When you leave a negative review it lowers our vibration, makes us feel disrespected and (at least for me) makes me work with private clients more and on the app less meaning there could be someone out there that needs ME to talk them off a ledge and your negative review made me feel the need to stay away for a while and unavailable to that person. Just be fair. If you have had multiple readings with me please leave a review for every reading and if they are live PG readings rate my accuracy. You should see the option above. NOTE: IF YOU ARE A CHRONIC NEGATIVE REVIEWER (YES I READ MY COWORKERS REVIEWS)OR START YOUR REVIEWS WITH "I HATE TO LEAVE A BAD REVIEW BUT..." JUST FIND ANOTHER ADVISOR I GUARANTEE YOU WON'T LIKE ME (and if I recognize you as one I will turn down your reading as will I never read for you again after your first negative review.... no review is always better than a negative review unless your advisor did something unprofessional or their delivery was poor there is no excuse for a negative review. For example if you feel like "you just didn't connect" that's nobody's fault, however if you feel the need to leave a negative review based on that alone face it - its usually because you were told the truth and didn't like what you heard. That's not the fault of the advisor either. As a matter of fact you should be leaving them a positive review based on the fact they told you the truth. Its not easy to deliver that kind of information. If you are confused, tell me why in the comments and I will break it down, but know that I am busy and I can't always do it right away. You have several days to leave a review, so you have time to wait for me to get to your comment. Also an open heart and mind is needed to understand a reading. IT IS CRUCIAL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR FLAWS COULD BE WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK AND I DON'T HOLD BACK. Also, I will do my best to answer your question direct and to the point, but it is important that sometimes what you NEED to know is what comes up, not what you WANT to know. This becomes even more so the case when you are asking about the same thing every day or even every week. For example if I say there is nobody comming into your love life in the near future, don't call me twice a week asking about your love life.... eventually Spirit is going to give me ZERO on your love life and point me to what you should be focusing on. One more thing... don't use the reviews as a way to argue with me. seriously, if you know the answer to your question don't bother to ask, and if your asking the same question over and over again and the topic isn't showing up maybe try to switch it up a little bit. Feed your soul not your ego. 💯 I don't claim to be 100% accurate and NO PSYCHIC IS. There are many factors that go into a reading. And psychics are human and subject to human error. That said I am a master of my craft and have been studying the esoteric arts (as well as practicing them) over 2/3rds of my life. This IS my life's work and my life purpose. I stand firm in what I tell you. I have never had a reading where I didn't pick up on something, I may be off on a few details every now and then but Spirit gives me the general message and THAT is my 100% guarantee. I stand firm in my readings and the overall message. 😍 I am an empath. What that means is I absorb your energy, transmute it and shoot it back out at you. In simple terms I am a human mirror. Remember that when you want to say I am negative or don't care. All of my readings come from a place of love, period. That said remember the ANSWER may not be positive but how you take that answer is a reflection of you, not me. Hard truths are also painful for me to give so I do care.... trust me... I wouldn't be in this line of work if I didn't. 🤬DO NOT compare me to other psychics or argue with me because you don't like what I'm telling you. Just remember you are calling me asking me what I see, not what other psychics see. Also if you doubt me or tell me "That's not possible because XYZ..." then I ask you, Why are you spending money on psychics if you already have all the answers? If you can't come to me with an open heart and an open mind then please find another advisor. ALSO I WILL NOT ENGAGE IN ARGUMENTS IN THE CHAT. I STAND BY MY READINGS AND WILL NOT FEED INTO YOUR NEGATIVITY BY ARGUING WITH YOU. Again you asked me a question and I answered it. There are multiple warnings throughout this bio that warn you that you may not like what you hear. And again, if you know everything why do you need my insight? THE CARDS DON'T LIE AND NEITHER DOES SPIRIT. 💘If asking about love to save yourself time and patience with me don't refer to partners as twin flames or ask when you are going to meet your twin flame. I don't subscribe to the twin flame theory. Also understand that there is no ONE forever person for EVERYONE. Please refrain from asking when you are going to meet your soulmate or all you are going to get is a lesson from me in esoteric studies. SOULMATES DON'T HAVE TO BE LOVE PARTNERS AND YOU HAVE SEVERAL. Also stay away from the "true love" questions. True love looks many different ways and isn't always romantic. Do you love your kids? Your parents? Your Grandma? 9 times out of 10 your reading will show you already have true love in your life. The better question would be "do you see any new romantic partners coming into my life" 💞As of March 19th, 2021 I have decided its a lot better for your mental health and my professional reputation to deny all orders for readings regarding people you have had no contact with for a significant amount of time. First of all I'm done with the negative reviews because you don't like what you are hearing and when you have not had contact with someone for a significant period 98% of the time the reading is going to focus on what you need to do to move on and not address the POI in the way you are hoping it will. So I am just going to save myself the headache of a negative review and deny the reading. The only exception to this is if you are asking me why you can't get past this person or for HEALTHY spiritual advice on how to move forward with your life. Again I am raw, honest and am not going to entertain unhealthy and obsessive behavior. plus these types of questions block me in a corner if I tell the truth I get a bad review, if I lie to you and you don't get what you want I get a bad review. Be fair. Unless you want REAL HELP, I am just no longer taking these orders....and in general probably not the psychic for you. 🏅If you feel like I did really well or went above and beyond please leave a "bonus" or tip. It is appreciated and your generosity will be remembered and returned. Also I will bend the rules and give you more info in the chat. Expert Tarot reader all questions welcome! Certified in Psychic/Medium Development, Proud member of The American Tarot Association....I also carry: Certified Past Life Regressionist, Certified numerologist Certified Angelologist, Certified energy healer Licensed Spiritual Councilor Clergy Credidentials All questions welcome and will be answered accurately and honestly. If you would like to request a specialty reading you may choose from the following, however if your question fits a specific type of reading (a common example is a couples reading) I will use whatever I am called to do to give you the best, most accurate and easy to understand information possible. Special requests include: 🌟Couples readings available 🌟Couples numerology compatibility readings available 🌟Past life questions answered 🌟Numerology readings available 🌟Yearly Growth Predictions 🌟Life Path Readings 🌟Angel readings available 🌟messages from passed loved ones available 🌟Chakra readings and alignments available 🌟Addiction issues and guidance I provide Psychic readings on career, money, love, family, health, legal problems, children, friendships, travel, pets, Messages from the beyond, spiritual guidance as well as any other topic. As a Certified and Licensed Psychic/Medium and Registered Metaphysician I am an expert in my field and no topic is off limits. With over 15 years of professional experience I have seen and heard it all. Unlike some advisors I will provide a general reading, but please be advised these are usually what we in the business refer to "cold reads" meaning we are not being given much energetically to work with. A good reading requires an exchange of energy to say "give me a general reading" with not so much as even a general topic is the same as saying "give me general information that could apply to anything" Also when working with a psychic like me who will tell you the good, the bad, the ugly and most importantly the unexpected this could lead the reading to be not what you want or are expecting so if you are not willing to be open minded, open energetically and open hearted you may at least want to have a topic in mind before asking for a general reading. 💯Be prepared to get a straightforward and honest reading. Remember we don't always hear what we want to hear, but the information we to receive is helpful for our spiritual growth. I promise to try to show you the positive side to every situation. However, I am blunt and will not sugar coat. Also remember to be patient and let situations unfold. Things that come up in readings don't typically happen over night. It can take weeks or sometimes even months for things to develop. I look at the past, the present and the future as it stands at the time of the question. IF YOU WANT A SPECIFIC TIME FRAME I WILL NOT GIVE YOU ONE. TIME IS FLUID AND IS EVER CHANGING. That said, I generally don't give detailed information that goes further out than 12 months. I have had many people in my years of practice come back and apologize to me for not taking me seriously because things didn't "sound" right, and then come back 3 months later only to tell me everything happened exactly as I said it would. Life throws curveballs at us all the time. There are no instant long term answers. Also remember you can't control the outcome of your reading just like there are aspects of your life you can't control. It is important that you remain open minded (as well as honest, lying to me will only confuse me and lead to a less accurate reading) and be prepared that you may hear something you are not ready to accept. This is always a risk you run when getting a reading. If you aren't ready to know then don't ask. Arguments will not be tolerated and I will end the reading if you start arguing with me. That said I am human and know I may not always be 100% accurate. But I am a messenger and it is my job to tell you both what spirit tells me and my cards confirm for me. Also, please don't ask me for names or physical features of people. Unless I am communicating with a deceased person it is more of the personality traits that I will pick up on. ⏲Because video orders are only 3 minute readings please understand that I only have time to answer the question you ask. I don't usually have time to go in to anything that isn't asked. Just because I don't mention something off topic, doesn't mean I don't see it, it is just that I have a 3 minute time limit and I am trying to answer the question you ask me in that VERY short amount of time. VIDEO READINGS ARE LIMITED TO A MAXIMUM OF 2 QUESTIONS IF YOU EXCEED THE LIMIT I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE READING. If you do choose to split my focus into two different questions on two completley different subjects the most important question will be answered as dictated by spirit if there is only enough time for one. FOR BEST RESULTS LIMIT YOURSELF TO ONE QUESTION PER ORDER. If you want me to go further in depth into a matter or you have multiple questions then you will have to take advantage of the discounted follow up question option or purchase a longer live reading. I promise to give you all the information I am able to give in the 3 minutes allotted. If you need me to go further in depth another order must be placed or go to Purple Garden and connect with me live. 🔮Live Video and Voice readings are the best way to connect. That said if you choose to do a reading through messaging please ask one question at a time. AND DO NOT RUSH ME. I WILL STOP THE READING IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT MY PROCESS. If you are in a hurry for answers and don't want to wait for me to get them and then type them out, then messaging is probably not the best option for you. 👻When requesting messages from the other side YOU MUST BE PATIENT AND RESPECT MY PROCESS... I can't express this enough, but with mediumship readings it is especially important. I need time to get the full message across and interruptions only break my connection and slow me down. I will tell you everything that comes to me there is no need to ask me things like what? or why? or who? I am basically putting together a puzzle with no picture and all the information doesn't come all at once. The more you let me talk uninterrupted the more precise the information will be and once I get in a zone the information starts coming faster, but if I have to stop every other sentence to tell you I'll tell you if you stop interupting, I will never get there because you are in essence interrupting your loved one and then I have to reconnect. This is very frustrating for both the other side and myself and sometimes the connection will be completely lost and I will have no choice but to stop the reading PLEASE UNDERSTAND there is a process to this and it under no circumstances can be rushed. I also recommend purchasing at least 15 to 20 minutes if you are wanting to do this via messaging. And for best results these types of readings should be done through video chat. 💬When doing readings through messenger Please wait for me to finish typing before you start typing and I will show you the same respect. When you start throwing multiple questions at me before I can answer the energy gets chaotic and scattered and WILL effect your reading. If you choose to ignore this and do it anyway don't complain about being confused. I DO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP THE READING IF YOU DO NOT GIVE ME TIME TO ANSWER QUESTIONS OR START ASKING MULTIPLE QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER AFTER I ANSWER. I WILL ONLY ANSWER ONCE. IF YOU MISS THE ANSWER BECAUSE YOU ARE CONTINUOUSLY SENDING NEW QUESTIONS I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STOP THE READING. You will not see my answers if you are constantly typing and filling up the chat with other questions. And that shows a lack of respect for my time and energy. Readings must have a foundation of mutual respect to work. PLEASE one question at a time. ⏳I can be slow to type due to the auto correct being super touchy on my phone. I also am a talker so I have a lot to say. I am not grandma slow but be forewarned that if you choose to text me it won't be super fast typing, NOR SHOULD IT BE. A true psychic reading takes time and focus. Do NOT rush me I promise to stay aware of your time and the fact that you are paying by the minute. If you want a rushed, unbalanced and generic reading find another reader. If you want a focused, personalized and accurate reading be patient and trust that will be provided to you in a reasonable amount of time. 🤷‍♀️If you don't understand I have no problem explaining it to you IF you stay on the same subject. If you can not do that then I will not take fault for your confusion, nor will there be any confusion 😃 🧞‍♀️DISCLAIMER: PURPLE OCEAN AND PURPLE GARDEN DO NOT REQUIRE ME TO GIVE YOU ANY EXTRA INFORMATION IN THE CHAT. THEY HAVE OPTIONS AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO PURCHASE MORE TIME OR FOLLOW UP QUESTONS. HOWEVER, I WILL CLARIFY 1 ANSWER IN THE CHAT. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANY FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS OR FINISH LIVE READINGS IN THE CHAT. It is important you understand the difference between a clarifying question and a follow up question. A clarification question is a question regarding information that was already given. A follow up question is a new question that arises now that I have given you an answer to your initial question. For example if I say you are going to make a large purchase a clarification question would be "Could this be the new car I have been wanting?" a follow up question would be "Where is the money going to come from for this purchase?"


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