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•psychic readings “ A psychic reading is particularly helpful when you have a challenging choice to make or you were at crossroads in your life and need insight and wisdom to guide you many people don’t know how to access messages from spirit or what to do with this kind of information during this reading I am in tune to your energy or an object or a picture that has meaning “ •palm reading “ your hand is like a map and contains a huge Amount of information revealing patterns and pathways that have impact your career finances, family, love, etc. I interpret the lines creases valleys and mounds to give you insight and clarity” • tarot card reading” taro cards have been used for centuries to read the past present and future these special cards have images and symbols on them that reveal messages where growth and change need to happen in your life during the reading you choose the cards then I lay in Pacific arrangements and translate so you receive the highest insight and clarity” • Crystal ball reading” like Taro cards crystal balls have been used for centuries and our wonderful tools looking at the secrets of life when I use a crystal ball I tap into the mysterious energies that I provide me with visions that are specific to you I share those images and interpretations with you and offer guidance you are then able to make these insights to help in Glenn clarity and make choices that will help you navigate life with more ease and confidence. • Love reading ““ love reading helps identify what kind of love is waiting for you and how to get there you can already be in a relationship have a pacific person in mind or not even know exactly who you want to be with benefit from a love reading is these types of readings to clarify what you want and what may holding you back and what possibilities the future holes love reading is also to help you understand all kinds of love including unconditional love and self-love. • and finally twin flame reading” Twin flames are one soul who agreed to split into two parts and identical signature never truly separate even though it may feel like it is at times while we’re talking and walking on the earth this is one of the challenges of being a human experiencing separation and loss and believing in this way A twin flame connection is so that you know what year entire beginning no one can confirm or deny your twin flame only you can do that “”


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