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🗝️🔮-Hello everyone I offer Love💕, Career , Relationship, Oracle/Tarot readings along with mediumship 🧖‍♀️ and intuitive energy readings and more… im an intuitive Energy Reader and very intuned with my guides and higher self to help me give you your reading. I pick up energy very well and have so for a very long time! 🗝️🗝️🗝️ ❗️❗️please note ❗️❗️ I do not give fairytale readings or sugarcoat my readings! I am very honest and upfront with my readings. If you are not ready to hear the truth please do not place an order with me. Sometimes there are messages we need to hear however, we may not agree with the messages.❗️❗️ 🗝️ I will not accept new orders from clients who have left negative reviews in the past. 🗝️I read Energy and cards not minds 🗝️ no legal ( divorce, visas, contracts, or other) 🗝️ I cannot speak on if your POI is having sexual intercourse with another. ❗️ No timeframes❗️ Time frames are never a guarantee and not a service I offer. I believe in free will.❗️ ❗️No timeframes❗️ 🗝️ ask direct and specific questions, long paragraphs, including summaries, and backgrounds, will delay response time. If I am required to search and find the questions, I will answer what can be identified. 🗝️ one topic – three questions Max no paragraphs. ❗️ if you have a tremendous amount of follow up questions, it is best to place a follow up order. ❗️ chat follow-ups are a bonus and not an obligation. 🗝️ include only necessary information do not overload!


Tarot readings, Love readings, Psychic readings

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