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It’s my pleasure to welcome all types of inquiries with a compassionate, judgement-free approach. We’ll tap into your burdens and unfold them with accuracy and empathy ❤️ I’m here to give you the two crucial things to achieve your highest good: COMPASSION and CLARITY. Why? Because truth without compassion is pain; when we act from a place of pain, we miss out on our highest path. And, empathy without clarity is illusion; intuitive insight is the key to navigating any situation. I’m an intuitive psychic who taps into energies, situations and paths by using a holistic set of tools. This means that we’ll use intuitive tarot readings and pendulum clarification to get the answers you need. For readings that call for extra interpersonal insight, we may also incorporate face and hand reading. When desired, I will interpret the energies and motives involved to give you a “script” so that you can best approach important and highly sensitive interactions. TOOLS & METHODS: -Intuitive Tarot -Pendulum -Face Reading -Hand Reading -Past Life Insight (and how it’s manifesting now) WHAT TO EXPECT: -During our reading, I’ll provide you with very specific and calming clarity. I recognize that most of the human experience resides in grey areas, so I’ll address your queries with a loving heart and an open mind. -The goal is for you to emerge from our reading with a sense of peace, clarity, and direction. -I’ll give you both factual insight and also a deeper understanding of each situation. -When appropriate, I will provide timelines for future events. Please keep in mind that I primarily read in small windows that are a maximum of 3 months into the future, for best accuracy. -For readings about future events/the course of relationships: these are predictions; we are tapping into the energies as they currently exist. The information in these readings is a path, but like all things in nature, is not immutable.


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