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Accurate timelines🍀 Honest guidance🍀 Reiki Healing🍀 Relationship and Career Guidance 🌞🧿🌞 🕊️Please Mention your Name and Date of birth and the person of Interest's Name and Date of birth for accurate reading. Please do not take the reading and waste your money if you can not provide names and information about yourself or the people involved. Please keep an open mind about the reading. 🕊️For Live Chats- Please do not ask for answers for the questions after the time ends, in chat box. You can connect again for more, if your time ends. P. S.- you can ask for clarifications for already asked questions. 🕊️Please come with good time if you have multiple questions, I try to be fast but it takes time to read and connect. 🕊️For Rush video Readings- Please ask maximum 3 questions per request. PLEASE READ BEFORE CONNECTING Namastey🙏 🍀I'm a Tarot card, relationship councelor, career and finance reading expert. For your reference, few of my work types are mentioned below. ° Switch word remedies ° Mantra Meditation ° Breathing Meditation ° Palm Reading ° Time Interpretations ° Detailed Reading ° Career Spreads ° Relationships Spread ° Yes or No Questions ° Time interpretation ° Zodiac compatibility and interpretation ° Chakra Reading 🍀Meditation- Mantra and breathing Meditations for two forms you can get connected with me for clearing your aura, better sleep, relaxing your mind, cleaning your thoughts and many more such benefits. Book a video call session of 15/25 min with me for your Meditation journey. 🍀For palm reading- Please do a 24-hours or 1 hour rush video delivery only. 🍀Reiki guided Meditation for Calm mind, focus, confidence boosting and awareness. #You can get your reiki healing session via Live Video call only. It will be approx 15 min session for your reiki healing. #please opt for a reiki session at a silent place so you can take the optimum benefit of your guided session. 🍀I want you to have an open mind about the reading, as I don't sugarcoat anything. Take me as your friend and pour your heart out without any hesitation and fear of judgement. I will be honest for your own and future and anything we share will be completely confidential.🍀 **Important** - Time interpretations can be flexible due to the free will of yourself and parties involved. - Do not ask the same questions about the same scenario within a month of time. let the energy and universe work with their pace and flow. - Please provide relevant information and details around your questions. 🙏 ONLY connect with me, if, you are looking for honest and uncoated answers and not what soothes your heart or you want to hear 🙏 🙏 Please do not ask the same questions within a time period of a month, i will have to refuse the reading, as it doesn't change the reading and moreover it affects the energies because of obsessive mindset and continuous energy checks.🙏 🚫Please do not reach out if you are only looking for what you want to hear and only taking number of readings from different readers to weigh down the results, as I am not accountable for what others read for you, my answer may vary if that's true. 🙏 🍀Please do not ask the followings: ° Questions related to deceased ones ° Lost people's readings and wellbeing ° Questions related to identification of biological parents °Questions about celebrities is a big NO ° Questions related to pregnancy like- how many kids i will have, how many boys or how many girls ° Death date and time of someone ° Health related questions ° Gambling questions ° Legal matters questions ° Please wait for some time before getting a reading for yourself, if you are in recent grief🙏 If you feel drawn towards my profile, then connect with me for your guidance. 💚Thank you💛 Om Namah Shivay 🙏


Love readings, Palm readings, Tarot readings

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