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✨Hello Starseeds and Soul Fam✨ ❗️Please read my ENTIRE profile about services I offer, what i do and don’t read on, and Advisor ratings at the bottom before choosing me for your reading❗️ ✨ It’s very important that you find the right fit before spending your $$, as our collective goal here is to provide you with a positive experience. ✨ I am here to help provide the truth. I am kind, compassionate, honest, and will never judge you or your situation. ✨ Sometimes the outcome of a reading may not be what we want (or are ready) to hear, but it’s usually what we need to hear. I will not sugar coat or lie about what I feel or see, so if that’s not something you’re ok with, please don’t choose me for your reading. 🔮 Please do NOT ask more than 1 question when ordering a 24 hour or 1 Hour Delivery reading, as it inhibits the ability to give proper clarity, insight, and the best reading possible within that time frame. ✨ The more specific your question, the more likely you are to receive clear insight. Vague questions tend to yield vague answers, unfortunately. ✨ If you ask more than one question, I will only answer the first that you ask, unless there is enough time to answer a second one. ✨ I will not answer any additional questions you ask in the notes under your order once your video reading is complete. There is an additional FollowUp Question option available for further insight. My services- ✨ Romantic Relationship Insight ✨ Soul Mate & Twin Flame Journeys ✨ Astrology (3 mins isn’t much time for these kind of readings so info will be limited, but that doesn’t mean it won’t end up being important and helpful 💜) ❌ NO readings on: - Time lines - Legal situations - Your future person’s name or specific physical characteristics - Health (pregnancy, illness etc) - Lost items or pets - Children 🏳️‍🌈 LGBTQ+ welcome!! I provide a safe space for everyone and anyone ❤️ ⭐️MUST READ BEFORE CHOOSING ME! THIS IS IN REGARD ADVISOR RATINGS ⭐️ 🔮 When you have a reading done, it is based on your current energy in that moment, along with your POI or any other person’s energy that may be involved in your situation. ✨ After your reading ANY action taken or change in energy (whether its a different choice, path, decision, a certain mood) made by yourself, your POI, or anyone involved, can and will change an outcome. That is soley based on you, your POI, or anyone else involved and has NOTHING to do with the Advisor being “accurate” or not. Energy is always flowing and changing. ✨ So please, be fair and do not leave negative reviews unless you feel the Advisor was rude or wasn’t trying their best, as it’s unethical and unfair to do so.


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