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About my services

Thank you for connecting with me and taking the time to view my profile ✨Sometimes we can feel like we are blindfolded on an endless hamster wheel that we cannot seem to free ourselves from🌟Spirit speaks through me to give you divine guidance and clarity on the answers you seek✨I channel energy from source and my spirit guides to connect with you🌟Your reading will consist of working directly with spirit, pendulum, tarot/oracle, or a combination of all depending on your situation or what kind of messages I receive from source and our guides✨I am very open and reveal all that I am guided to reveal by the divine🌟For your reading I ask that you show up as your truest self, the beautiful soul that you are✨We are all on this journey together and my life’s purpose is to help you through the messages I receive in taking those blinders off, freeing yourself from that wheel, and breaking down the walls blocking you from your brightest light🌟 I am honored to be a part of your spiritual journey.


Love readings, Tarot readings, Oracle guidance

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