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About my services

List of services I can provide on live apart from general readings and advice: 🔥Steps architecture - looking into vibration of paths connected with choices you want to make🔥 🌒Detailed dream analysis through Akashic Records🌘 💥Cord cutting using soul’s work pendulum - includes description of the cords’s nature, origin and influence on you💥 ✨Light language codes activation - focused on a specific intention✨ 🌸Meditation - mental blockages release🌸 Entering Akashic Records allows me to download information and answer your questions from the energetic field, gain perception you cannot see yourself - whether it’s from the other person’s position or whether it’s distorted through a false belief. I can provide information from your past lives, ancestral line, your current life’s past, present or future possibilities - depending on a nature of the question and the source of the matter. ‘Why’ are you experiencing this? ‘What’ cannot you see, what is blocking you? ‘How’ to overcome this? ‘Where’ has this originated? ‘Who’ was involved in this? ‘Which’ choice provides you with a better outcome? ‘What’ to focus your attention on? Dream Analysis through Akashic Records is also a powerful insight into your subconsciousness and soul’s guidance - subconscious mind works on symbols and thanks to my connection I can translate the symbols into a message you can understand. Unfortunately I don’t sugar coat if I see the work that needs to be done - my responsibility is to pass the message, guide and not make up a story that you’d rather hear. Remember that what future holds is never set in stone - future possibilities may be more or less accessible on your path - if you use your free will and change the direction, something you’ve heard may simply not happen. Questions are infinite - I am although NOT answering questions regarding finances, legal matters or health as well as time frames.


Dream analysis, Love readings, Psychic readings

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