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🙏🏽Namaste and welcome to your non-judgmental, supportive Sacred Soul Space. I am here to help, heal and guide you along your life journey. I provide honest, compassionate and direct clarity into your situation along with the answers and guidance you seek to help you confidently move forward. We all have shadows and that inner child that needs healing, love and to be set free. We all have uncertainties where we want and need certainty. And, believe it or not, sometimes we just need an empathic listening ear. I am your guide. I am that ear. I will guide you through your entrepreneurial journey or that major career change along with the transition. I will guide your healing to lead you to a peaceful, sacred soul. We will uncover suppressed shadows you may not have known existed amongst other emotions and traumas affecting and blocking your progress. Ask your questions and we will work through them together confidently with love and light. I relay the received message and guidance and it’s up to “YOU” to process it (good or uncomfortable) and decide how “YOU” want to proceed! Free will plays into all out comes. You can also contact me on Bitwine (Our sister site): The Sacred Soul Sister (wendynd) Services I provide 🔮Pendulum (yes/no) Readings 🔮Tarot and Oracle Intuitive readings 🔮Career/Entrepreneurship readings 🔮Shadow healing readings 🔮Life path readings 🔮Manifestation Readings and Guidance 💜Twin Flame Readings and Guidance 💜Relationship readings (Love, family, platonic, professional etc.) *I am able to confidently answer questions of all natures as well *I also have the gifts of Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience *I JUST see, know, feel and hear *Let’s get this party started!!! As a highly, intuitive empath, I am very sensitive to energies, feelings, thoughts and emotions. I can channel into yours, others and the situation in question to get the full picture and story. I am a natural healer and use my sensitivity to heal and guide as well as see through the smoke and mirrors.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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