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📖READ FIRST📖 Hello! My name is Ryan and I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader. I use these cards to channel messages and guidance suited to your needs. I am also a clairvoyant + claircognizant psychic and receive messages through a sense of knowing as well as through mental images. I deliver whatever information that Spirit/Source/The Universe has for you at the time of the reading and for your highest good. 🏳️‍🌈This is a safe space for anyone of any race, gender, and sexual orientation ⚠️ TWO question max per 3 minute video readings 🔮I OFFER: ✅ guidance and insight into current or potential relationships (NOT how someone else feels about you, ONLY what you can do surrounding the relationship) ✅ spiritual guidance ✅ overall well-being ✅ channeled messages ⛔️I DO NOT OFFER answers to questions regarding: ❌ health ❌ time-based predictions (e.g. when will I get the job, when should I move, etc.) ❌ superficial/physical traits ❌ sports outcomes and gambling ❌ legal issues ❌ other people (e.g is he cheating on me?, how does this person feel about me?, etc.) ⏱REMEMBER: because of free will and external circumstances, nothing is ever set in stone and are ever-changing; meaning your reading doesn’t necessarily mean it WILL happen but what CAN happen. Readings are based on the foreseeable future, I cannot predict what will happen a year or several years from now, only the near future. ⚖️ Please remember that the time and energy that go into these readings is an energetic exchange, please be patient and open to the messages that are for you. This includes being patient with responses to clarification questions via chat. ❓The more detailed your questions, the more detailed of a reading I can provide. Feel free to ask a clarification question on your reading but ONLY if it pertains to what was covered in the reading. If you are asking unrelated questions or something that needs a more in-depth answer, please request another reading. ✨ If you enjoyed your reading, please leave a positive review! Before leaving a negative review, remember you’re allowed to ask a clarification question. Do not leave a negative review just because you didn’t like what Spirit had to tell you during your reading. 💙 I look forward to being of service to you 💙


Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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