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I provide complete analysis of Past--Present--Future 🧊 ICE BREAKING TRUE READING ARE GIVEN THROUGH: ✨Vedic Astrology giving you all the effects which Planets and Starts give on your life, ✨Tarot Card reading giving u reading about what cards say about your present energies. ✨Psychic insights giving you best readings with my psychic powers and helping you know your energies in a better way. I will help you make best decissions in 2024 regarding your Love life, Married life, Career choices. 📝SPECIAL TOPICS OF YOUR INTEREST:- 🌷Career readings/choices 🌻Important decission makings 🌺Your POI feelings/intentions for you 🪻Messages from your angels 🌼 Married life readings ⚘️Love life analysis 🪷 Future decission makings 🔮Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, emotion and Stress releasing meditation sessions are available on Video Call. IT SHOULD BE MINIMUM FOR 10 MINUTES. IMPORTANT DETAILS WHEN BOOKING A READING: ✍️Name and date of birth of you and your POI if any(your partner/ex/boss/colleague) ✍️Detailed question regarding your situation. ✍️The last time you communicated/met each other. ✍️No general reading is entertained. ✍️Legal advises are not given. ✍️Gender prediction is not given. ✍️No readings from dead people is given. ✍️Any medical condition/ health related queries are not entertained. ------------------------------------------------------- I always provide true readings as per your energies. No sugarcoating is done. If my reading does not reasonate with what you wanted to hear, thats not my problem. Only 3 questions maximum will be answered in follow up chat, otherwise I am not bound to reply all your extra questions. Also the question asked should be related to the readings you want to clarify. Only an approximate timeline is provided. Do not get a reading if you have predecided answers to your questions. --------------------------------------


Psychic readings, Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings

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