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I am an open, accepting and non- judgemental, Divine Goddess Channel. I am here to share the guidance that your questions bring forth for you, in a simple and relatable manner. πŸ”» Here is a list of services I offer: ✨ Tarot Readings ✨ Affirmations ✨ Spiritual Guidance ✨ Meditation Sessions ✨ Cord Cutting Sessions πŸ”» I do not indulge in: ❌ Invesgative Tarot Reading ❌ Medical diagnosis or Advice ❌ Pregnancy Readings ❌ Black Magick Solutions ❌ Specific Time Line Predictions As a reader who is true to her craft, I value your time and honesty. In return, I request you to keep the following in mind: ✨ Do not rush me during a reading as i have to pull carda ans interpret them before I answer you. This being said, I am a fast reader. ✨ Do not compair my readings with another, no matter how different. We all have our individual source and we stay true to it. ✨ Asking the same question in different words or over and over again, is not going to get you your desired answer. Have the courage to accept what is shared. ✨ I do not suger coat or mince my words to make you feel better. I stay true to the Guidance I recieve for you. ✨ I will take 3 questions in a rush hour reading since i have only three minutes to answer you and would love to share as much detail as possible. ✨ Two questions put together with an AND, or another joining attempt, does not make them one question. ✨ If you have had a reading with me during a sale or through free tryouts, please do not use the chat function for more. ✨ If there is a genuin query, I will always respond after. ✨ Some energies match while some dont. If you have to clarify something, please so before you give me a negative review. I will clear it out you. I look forward to bringing you the peace and clarity you are seeking, with my offerings. πŸ™πŸ»


Angel insights, Love readings, Tarot readings

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