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About my services

I am a psychic medium with 34 years of professional experience. I specialize in Mediumship, Angels & Divine Purpose. Love, Money, Family, Purpose & the Gift of Attract! I also support the entrepreneur and other psychic professionals with my gift of business guidance. I am able to help you clear energy from being "used" and abused from different sources in this life ❤️❤️❤️ I see toxic energy and depression. I help remove negative energies and support you in creating good life and atmosphere. I am a psychic development coach. I see, hear clearly and know. I am an automatic writer; I honor text readings and can feel and hear clearly during our live text chats. I am high vibe and extremely psychic. I work psychic fairs, run an angel school and have many private clients I support in all facets of their lives. I am a supernatural medium. I hear Jesus and Ascended Masters. Archangel Michael is my go-to. I help unblock energy. I help you avoid obstacles and being stuck. I can hear what your person is thinking and feeling, perhaps why it was best you let go. I can help you navigate your choices and live your fruitful life. I am gifted in career path, business and life purpose. I can help you see through your love and friendships. I can help you determine your next move. I see past lives that show what you are to gain from here, now. I can tap into seeing your future. I can see traits of future partnerships, interests and see forward for your life. I am a real psychic and tell you truth. please if I am on accepting live services or 1 hour, if you have follow up questions or clarification needed, I'm happy to support you, please allow me time to respond 😊 I look forward to knowing you and being your psychic friend. I am a fast typer and have been working hotlines and platforms for over 29 yrs.


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Psychic readings

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